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17 November 2009

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Imagine a whole world where you could play, explore and create whatever you like - and imagine that you could take that world with you wherever you go.

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Sony PSP


Sony’s release of their smashing Play Station Portable was a great move because people definitely adore the idea of video gaming everywhere. This is why Sony is doubling their efforts in converting some, if not all, of their PS2 and PS3 games into PSP formats. Hence, you can now welcome the newest Little Big Planet to invade the world of PSP gaming.

The LittleBigPlanet PS3 original is now available in PSP platform in a physics-based 2D format, which is all the PSP could afford, with its lesser specifications in comparison to PS3. Still, apart from the need for a little tweak here and there, it has successfully captured what the original PS3 Little Big Planet was all about.

In the PSP version, you will notice that being a two-dimensional video game does not hinder you from getting the same old feeling of playing Little Big Planet on PS3. You can still use Sackboy, an avatar that you can customize according to you preferences. He is still as adept as before, and comparing it to his 'floaty' movements on PS3, it seems he’s somewhat easier to control on PSP even if it’s really just a slight difference. As for his other features, he is still the same old Sackboy you used to enjoy playing with; including all his dancing animations and facial expressions that never fail to put a smile on your face.

LittleBigPlanet on PSP has an imaginative level design. Everything is just so fresh and new and unexpected at times that it becomes really wonderful. You go through different levels from different locations full of vibrant colors and unique characters like dragons, to unexpected magic carpets and hot-air balloons. You can even customize your world by placing stickers on any object which also cultivates your own creativity.

Being placed into a smaller unit like the PSP, omissions are expected. One of the things they cut was the multiplayer feature where you can no longer play with friends locally or online, which admittedly, could be more fun at times. Another thing is that, although movements are somewhat easier to control, Sackboy’s movements are now a little bit curtailed. He is now unable to swing his arms or shake his hips. There is another drawback that the PSP version has inherited from the PS3 version, which is the limited story mode.

The PSP version has added thirty new levels from seven locations; almost the same as the original version, but they are all so easy you can pass through them in no time. In the beginning you definitely need to adjust to playing the game but after having adapted to being Sackboy everything becomes so much easier.

Although LittleBigPlanet on the PSP has its drawbacks, all in all it is still a wonderful game that people will love. It has retained the same feel you get while playing it on your PS3. Even if you lose the chance to play with friends, you can still go online or use local connections and share levels with other players.

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