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January 12, 2007

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In Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, human snow pirates navigate VS (Vital Suits) through hostile ice-covered environments, fighting against the indigenous Akrid creatures for the precious thermal energy they need to survive. For one such pilot named Wayne, death almost seemed imminent until he was fortunately rescued. However, he can only remember a few fragments of his past including the slaying of his father by the monstrous beings. Yet under the veil of ice, a devious plan has been set into motion for the termination of all Akrid and snow pirates alike. What really happened to Wayne? Who is plotting the destructive scheme? Encounter valuable allies and dangerous enemies on Wayne’s search for the truth.

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First, the good news: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has all of the features and campaign modes which did great with the first version. But, this Xbox version looks much like the first version. It is still impressive, but for those who have the first one will think this is just a repeat. For those who missed out on the first then this can be a great game to play. This new one has new features and modes so the gamer can actually learn a few things from this one. There is a game for the first person as well, it is all a matter of personal choice.

There are three single player modes and Score Attack, something new for Lost Planet. Score Attack is a mode which can add energy to the game with all the action one can get out of it. Aside from getting the chance to shoot the enemies, there is a chance to blast the environment and create some chaos along the way.

There is a Trail Battle Mode which can pit the player against numerous bosses. Of course, the added boss fights give the game an added edge. Finally there is the Off limit where the need for speed is satisfied. The online game is better as well with a lot of new weapons which gives distinction from the older version.

Now for the bad news: this is a standalone game, totally distinct from the earlier release. This means that whatever you have played in the older version will not be transferred here or even work. No matter your rank on the online game, you have to start from scratch. Making this a totally different game gives it an edge, but for those who love the earlier release will get the disappointment they never expected.

The good news, again, is that all of the achievements are new, because the gamer starts off from scratch. So if you love the earlier version, you will find that you will definitely love this version, but it is different. There are new weapons, new modes, new features and a lot of other new stuff. This is great for those who have never played this game before as they donÂ’t miss out on a lot. But this is not going to play good for the old players.

The important thing to remember is that you can now play with a totally new game for there is nothing of the old version found in the Colonies Edition. There are not that many players online as of yet, because of the crossover problem, but other than that, this is a cool game.

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January 12, 2007

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