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Lost: The Video Game PS3 hints.

Never ending Fuses:-
The game's barter system will allow you to purchase fuses to complete various
puzzles throughout your quest. Without completing them, you can't proceed.
But there's a major loophole in the system, starting with the very first fuse
puzzle. After completing it, go back to the puzzle and grab all of the fuses.
These will stay in your inventory and can be used on future puzzles, eliminating
the necessary barter purchase for more fuses at a future date. You'll never have
to search for or purchase more fuses if you do this!

Replenish Your Gun Clip:-
Here's a great way to get more bullets for your gun clip without having to spend
much money. If you've used up all of your bullets, or some (or most) of them, and
you want to replenish your supply, simply do the following. Find a character who
is trading gun clips, and swap your old, somewhat or completely used one for a new,
completely replenished one.