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August 28, 2012

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Madden NFL 13 revolutionizes the way sports video game career modes are played with Connected Career’s, a completely new and fully connected universe defined by deep gameplay, unique storylines and social integration. With cutting-edge Infinity Engine technology, revolutionary Connected Careers and a complete audio and visual overhaul that delivers best in class presentation, Madden NFL 13 is undoubtedly the greatest entry in the franchise’s celebrated history upon release.

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The common complaint about the Madden football series is that each new release is merely a roster update. In essence, argue the critics, itÂ’s the same game regardless of the number behind the name Madden. However, Madden NFL 13 is the exception. Not only is it far from simply a roster update, it is the best Madden game to date and is arguably the best football game available.

In previous installments of the series, Madden football felt stiff. Team introduction were generic, announcers and play-by-play were both mechanical, and all games felt the same regardless if they were the first of the season or the Super Bowl. Bluntly stated, the game presentation was boring and much of the gameplay unless players were playing real-life opponents was stale. This is no longer the case.

In Madden NFL 13 EA has done much to improve the presentation. To be sure, the graphics are roughly the same, but EA has injected much needed life into Madden 13 by adding a television-style presentation that includes orchestra music and CBS graphics, new and unscripted commentary by Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, and numerous other bells and whistles such as on the field chatter. All of this brings players closer to a true football experience. In fact, EA developers have expressed that they wanted Madden NFL 13 to feel familiar, but not familiar in a Madden-sense; instead, they wanted it to feel more familiar to a Sunday afternoon of football. Madden 13 succeeds.

Assisting in this improved presentation is the power of the Infinite Engine, which EAÂ’s much-celebrated physics engine. While to the casual observer there seems to be little difference between last yearÂ’s Madden gameplay and this years Madden 13, a closer inspection reveals enormous change. The Infinite Engine has created dozens of new passing trajectories, cut down on so-called psychic cornerbacks and receivers, and eliminated canned tackling sequences. The result is startling: plays never look the same, as the football players reaction to hits and tackles are determined by stats, speeds, and angles. Never before has a football game looked so good, which results in it doing a remarkable job of not breaking players suspension of disbelief. Of course, with all of these presentation strengths, Madden 13 still has some graphical flaws.

The crowd, although such an important component within the beautifully rendered stadiums, is (once again) an eye sore. Even on a casual glance, itÂ’s clear that the crowd is poorly rendered, as it is overly pixilated and filled with graphical repetitions. It is a glaring weakness that has plagued Madden and most sports games for years, but there is no indication that it will be fixed. Also weakening the presentation in Madden 13 are the grotesquely modeled coaches and referees. Echoing the body type of Quasimodo from Victor HugoÂ’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, they negatively stand out among the superbly designed football players.

Madden NFL 13 is an excellent football game. Unlike previous iterations, is a complete package, succeeding both in providing fans with a more fluid gameplay as a result of the Infinite Engine and superb presentation. It is a must for any football fan.

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August 28, 2012

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