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November 23, 2010

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A lot of disappointment in this game may be blamed to the lack of fast traveling system. Traveling can be very time-consuming and relatively boring in some aspects; regularly going back and forth through the same places.

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5.3 / 10
Legend of the Guardians is attractive and accessible, but even the most patient younger demographics will ultimately grow bored when this is over. I would not recommend this game to anyone.
by Warner Bros. Interactive
Release Date: 09/14/2010

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Several months from now, when the gameplay in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom eventually skips my mind, I’m pretty sure one thing will still stand out – the horrific voice-over used to depict the adorable monster. Brought alive by speech, very much like that of Barney’s (the purple dinosaur), the hybrid creature that is part monkey, part bear, and part troll called Majin appears to be a sorry excuse of a hero. The awkward and ungainly character is actually part of his captivating charisma. Though he seems to tripping and falling every few minutes, it’s irrefutable that he is the protector of a human kingdom.

The story starts when Majin failed to perform his job and duties as a protector, about a hundred years ago; darkness ruled and plagued the countryside, resulting in the death of almost everything. In the contemporary world, your (the player’s) character is a nameless, young male thief that has the ability to talk to animals. You would encounter many beasts in the game, but ultimately meet and rescue Majin from a castle, which paves the way for you and the placid giant to become a dynamic, fearsome duo as you tackle the four Dark Generals hoping to stop the chaos and problems in the human world.

Despite the emaciated condition in which the young thief found Majin, the gentle beast becomes a huge help and essentially under the power of the player. Short of catching a ride on Majin’s back, the player can control everything Majin can do, such as issuing commands to attack, eat to replenish health and wait or crouch. Majin is no different from an obedient dog as he waits for your instructions, especially in killing the enemies you come across. Beware though; Majin may help you in many ways, but he will likewise cause you some trouble in a funny kind of way because of his clumsiness at times.

Having been deprived of his abilities, Majin needs to recharge his powers; thus, the two of you need to find and track down large berries for your goofy monster to regain his strength and stamina as well as his elemental powers of wind, lightning, fire and purification. You’ll bump into and exchange blows with more than a few unusual kinds of darkness-infected organisms while navigating the long journey. Slaying as many enemies as you can enables the release of gems necessary to level up the player and strengthen the ties between the two heroes. From a young boy to a strong warrior, you would meet various types and degrees of difficulties and inevitably weaken you at some point. To withstand this part, you have to accomplish quite a number of level-ups – and fast.

The games revolve around the basic setting of slash and hack with just one button to press so it is very easy to play this game. Hence, there isn’t a tedious moment to be found in the game. The concept of the game is to attack you in a frenzied manner while enemies constantly change. Brace yourself as life points can be a potential problem. This is where Majin becomes very helpful, in that he also possesses the ability to heal you in this game.

The battle part is only one aspect of the total package of the game. The game also involves puzzles that you need to solve. The puzzles typically occur in the game when you and Majin are engaged in Boss Battle because defeating the Dark Generals involves a more puzzle-based approach, rather than merely utilizing sheer force. The puzzles are fairly easy and solving them is the key to killing the bosses in the game.

A lot of disappointment in this game may be blamed to the lack of fast traveling system. Traveling can be very time-consuming and relatively boring in some aspects; regularly going back and forth through the same places. I wish the creators have been farsighted enough to think of fast-track travel system, being fully aware of the extent of the player’s journey to cover all the places designated on the map.

I’ve also observed that fighting becomes noticeably less challenging once I found and rescued Majin as things get so much easier onwards. One of my mates even complained that he hasn’t even explored the full potential of Majin’s powers. Still, it’s basically a puzzle platform and along with the add-on adventure it’s really quite easy to get hooked for hours.

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November 23, 2010

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