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September 23, 2008

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Nintendo Wii DS

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One of the main issues with the game is that the control setup that was changed for it to be ported to the Wii is not as natural as clicking the DS screen, and it doesn’t work as well.

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This game is In fact an almost exact port of the original game that was first released on the DS, Crosswords DS, Margot's Word Brain. The differences are mainly in the control method used in playing the game, with the Wii Remote as compared to the stylus of the DS. Other than that, it's essentially the same release, which is alright for owners of the Wii, because the original game was enjoyable if you're a word nut. If you already have it for your DS though, save the money; it's the same game.

The games are based on recognition of words and using your vocabulary. There are a bunch of different modes included, each of which is a different type of word game. The Word Search game has players memorizing a list of words, and then trying to find those words in a matrix of letters on the screen. Clicking the first and last letters of the word indicates that you found it.

Word Mine is a game where players make as many words from six letters as they can within a time limit. The game Word Run is similar to Scrabble, played on a much smaller board against the AI, Margot. Word Link allows players to find words in tiles that are dropping from the ceiling, sort of like a vocabulary Tetris. Hyper TXT is similar to typing on a cell phone that doesn't have a QWERTY setup, where you click the one button twice to get the letter B, and so on. Lastly, Word Safe consists of rings of letters that you create words out of by spinning the rings to get the letters into the right spot for the word to form. Each of the games is varying in difficulty and enjoyment, but at least there are quite a few to select from.

One of the main issues with the game is that the control setup that was changed for it to be ported to the Wii is not as natural as clicking the DS screen, and it doesn't work as well. Since most of these word games are timed, it's difficult to watch your performance suffer due to the difficulty of getting the pointer to the right spot on the screen, and then the slight delay once you do click the right spot. It doesn't make it impossible to play though, just more difficult than on the DS.

For a game that was directly ported from the DS, there were a couple of places that could have been touched up before releasing it on the Wii, but it generally offers the same functionality as the original game. For those that don't own a DS and do own a Wii, Margot's Word Brain has a lot to offer thinking gamers.

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September 23, 2008

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