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September 14, 2009

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In Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, a mysterious disease called The Blorbs spreads across the Mushroom Kingdom. Toads that become infected inflate to many times their normal size and roll around uncontrollably. Mario and Luigi must stop these creatures from wreaking havoc on the kingdom, as well as discover the source of this affliction and put an end to it. Parts of this game feature the classic side-scrolling action, and other parts have a top-down view. This game introduces a new ranking system that allows characters to rank up after reaching a specific level. As their rank increases, they earn special bonuses, such as additional equipment slots.

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The Mario Brothers of Nintendo are legends when it comes to gaming. Who wouldn’t love Mario and Luigi as they journey through the mushroom world looking for Princess Peach. Getting a boost with every mushroom and flower, jumping on through enemies up to the castle where Bowser dwells only to find out that the Princess is in another castle! Well, Bowser’s Inside Story has again brought the Mario Brothers gaming into new heights.

This Nintendo DS game starts with the outbreak of the Blorbs, an unknown virus that is persistently working its way throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Infested citizens are swelling up into huge magnitude and are rolling about everywhere. This catches the attention of Princess Peach and so she decides to hold a summit to talk about finding a cure and solving the problem; but even before the summit is finished Bowser barges in.

He tries to kidnap the Princess but he is banished by Mario into the woods. In the woods, Bowser meets a hooded ally, which is actually Fawful from the Superstar Saga, who gives him a special mushroom that can help defeat Mario. The moment he devours it, the Koopa King breathes in everyone around him including the Princess, Mario, Luigi and other Toad servants. Now trapped inside Bowser’s body, gamers have to deal with the tall order of looking for a way out, break Fawful’s plans and find an antidote for the Blorb.

The game plot isn’t entirely new. The same mechanics goes for Mario and Luigi where they will have an alternate chance of battling and each gets to play when one player is unfortunate enough to meet up with an enemy. Their moves are just the same as the previous installments. Apart from retaining these original features they’ve come up with new and fresh features that include the development of levels and mechanics to boost this game’s playability.

This Nintendo game now incorporates the need for touchscreen (stylus) control that is used in some of the mini-games and some core gameplays. You have to use the stylus to counter Bowser’s special attacks and some boss fights, too. The developers also made sure that this is accessible by both newbie and old-school players; allowing for tutorials, to learn the intricacies of the newly incorporated specialties and watch videos of these attacks as performed by the characters without affecting your SP points.

Even a game that has undoubtedly been a great success for years, minor glitches are sometimes inevitable, like the story being too long that makes people to skip walls of text to go back to the game. Some mini-games can also be annoying at times. But these are just inconsequential irritants. So small that some don’t even bother about it and just continue on enjoying the game.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is a great sequel to the Mario Legacy. Here, the game is taken into new heights with cool and awesome fresh features like the stylus touchscreen controls, mini-games and the playability of Bowser’s that makes up for a totally new experience.

Like all RPG games, this Bowser episode of the Mario Brothers escapade for this particular has to end; but don’t fret because it can just be the jumping-off point for another great game quest in the offing – just imagine, meeting Bowser again in the next episode! A lot of game players are of the opinion that this bloated creature deserves a top billing production of his own. So, if it’s absolute fun you’re looking for, you can never go wrong with Mario and Luigi: Bower’s Inside Story.

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September 14, 2009

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