Mario Kart DS DS User Review

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If you are an owner of any Nintendo system, then chances are you are also a proud owner of a Mario Kart game. The game is so popular that any news regarding the subject matter automatically draws lots of attention.

In Mario Kart DS, you get to race and battle all 8 players at once just like the other Mario Kart games. You still get the 8 all-star cast which includes Bowser, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Mario, Peach, Toad, Wario, and Yoshi. The courses that can be played now come from the different Mario Kart games like Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, and the likes. Players too are no longer limited since you can play online and challenge other players from other places.

Mario Kart DS might be new to some but to those that have played it in the past, there seems to be very little change that can be seen. It has been observed that the makers of the game didn’t do much to change the game; thus, you still get the same feel when you play just like how you felt the first time you did. Although this might sound a little odd, Mario Kart has managed to pull it off leaving users satisfied with the game.

The gameplay might be the same; but there certainly have been some noticeable additions. First, in the “items” section of the game, 3 new items have been added. You can make use of boo to make you invisible and immune to attacks while being able to steal other player’s items, or release a blooper making your opponent’s screen covered in black ink, or use the bullet bill and speed up to your advantage. Like the rest of the items, the effectiveness of these newly added ones still vary on how well you make use of them. The timing and accuracy still play a very important role in this game.
Another change that you may notice is the altered view that the map has. If in the past all you could see were all 8 players running around the race track, now you can also see where both traps and unused items are located.

You also get to see your opponent’s position as well as their artillery or the item they have on hand. This makes you somewhat prepared for what is to happen in the later race.

As what has been mentioned before, you can now play with this game online. Once online, you get to meet other players and race with them for fun. Mario Kart DS is also the first to make use of the Nintendo WiFi.
Finally, in this game you get missions or tasks you need to complete that can eventually lead you to the boss.

Mario Kart delivers what most games only wish they could do. It can be considered as one of the best hand-held games out there. It is easily accessible and you can play with it for hours without getting a bit bored, thanks to its online feature.