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March 20, 2015

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Mario Party 10 for Wii U brings new game boards, new minigames, and new ways to party. Roll the dice, round the board and compete against friends and family in over 70 lively minigames, where tactics, technique and even a little light-hearted treachery can help you get ahead. 'Mario Party 10' on the Wii U looks as good as the series has ever looked. The colors are bright and vibrant, the sound as catchy as ever, and the games truly endearing. We love how big the boards are and quickly found ourselves lost in the competitive process.

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'Mario Party 10' on the Wii U was developed and published by Nintendo, the game see's Mario return for some party tricks and some well tuned minigames.

There are few franchises more engrained in pop culture than that of the one built around Mario. Mario has been the selling point for Nintendo for the past three or so decades. Merely adding his face to the front cover of a video game makes it almost a sure fire hit. This has led Mario to appear in RPGs, sports games, fighting games, and so much more. One of the most popular franchises he has appeared in is the 'Mario Party' series. The tenth entry, 'Mario Party 10', hit the Wii U back in March of 2015. The tenth entry in the series looked to change things up while maintaining its classic and accessible appeal. When this game hit the shelves we were excited to pop it in and play with our buddies. Keep on reading to see if this is the party game for you.

The Wii U as a console hasn't been the smash hit, and innovator, that Nintendo had hoped it would be. The console has only kept competitive due to the strength of the A List franchises that are exclusive to it: the 'Smash Bros', 'Zelda', and 'Mario' titles more specifically. 'Mario Party 10' is another title that is sure to sell like hot cakes on a system that can run just as cold, just as easily.

The 'Mario Party' series has been going on for 17 years so far and this is the tenth entry to release. At this point many fans feel like they know what they are going to get out of the title, so innovation is not only unexpected -- it's almost unneeded. That didn't mean that Nintendo wanted to rest on their laurels. Nintendo has always been one of the companies that has pushed when others are pulling and they've made a few decisions with 'Mario Party 10' that we really enjoy. Nintendo decided to harness the Amiibo trend that is currently blowing away gamers with collection habits everywhere. We'll get more into that later.

First, for those few that are unaware of exactly what to expect from a 'Mario Party' game, let's break it down for you. The world of 'Mario Party' is sort of like a game of Monopoly, only fast paced and occasionally intense. The series has always been focused on mini-games and that is where the title shines. You'll start a game with your friends or the computer, sometimes both, and roll dice in order to traverse around the board. As you move on spaces you will collect coins, lose coins, buy items, or initiate minigames. The goal of the game is (primarily) to collect the most stars, which have to be purchased with coins. While it is possible to master the minigames, much of the title relies on the roll of the dice. Or, in short, luck.

'Mario Party 10' gives gamers three different game modes to play with: Mario Party, Amiibo Party, and Bowser Party. These three different game modes, while offering their own unique wrinkles, all essentially exist around the game board. They collectively have their own strengths and weaknesses and we can easily find ourselves drifting toward different modes depending on our boredom level. Let's break down the modes real quick.

Mario Party

The classic, core, game mode is what got so many people hooked on the franchise. In this game the goal is to traverse across the board, collecting coins in the hopes of exchanging them for stars. The goal of the game is to finish with the most stars. The series itself is pretty quirky, but this is probably the most straightforward mode of them all.

Bowser Party

The second mode, and one we quickly fell in love with, involves a fifth player controlling Bowser with the GamePad. In this game mode you have four players trying to reach the very end of the board. Their goal is to make this journey without losing all of their hearts or getting caught by the player controlling Bowser. This mode is more competitive and definitely more exciting than the traditional modes, but it does lack the strategic element that the other two had going for them. Probably the most innovative mode in the bunch, playing as Bowser can be a real party. With the GamePad the Bowser controlled player can activate different traps, shoot fire, and in general make life rough for the other characters.

Amiibo Party

The last mode is also the newest one of the bunch. Amiibo Party incorporates the Amiibo figures that have gotten so popular. Each figure has their own board type. Players who use Amiibos will get a full 3D recreation of the character while those without Amiibos will have a 2D cut out. This is pretty similar to the original 'Mario Party' game in all ways except for the graphical interface.

What keeps people coming back to this series is the collection of eccentric games. Most of the mini games in 'Mario Party 10' are free for alls but you will run into the occasional 2 on 2 or 3 on one mini game. The game modes are pretty similar to the ones you've come to expect, but they look prettier and play smoother. You'll play collection games, 'Temple Runner' type games, and even 'WarioWare' type minigames. When everyone is good at the events then the game really gets taken to another more competitive level.

As far as integration with the GamePad and other WiiU technology, 'Mario Party 10' really doesn't try to push the limit. 'Bowser Party' is pretty much the biggest use of the new GamePads other than superficial aesthetics. This didn't bother us too much as we enjoyed the events too much as they were.

'Mario Party 10' on the Wii U looks as good as the series has ever looked. The colors are bright and vibrant, the sound as catchy as ever, and the games truly endearing. We love how big the boards are and quickly found ourselves lost in the competitive process. This may not be a revolutionary title, but it is the best entry in a long and storied franchise.

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March 20, 2015

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