Mario Party DS - DS Cheats


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Mario Party DS Unlockables.

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding rewards:-

Unlockable How to Unlock

Boss Bash Beat Story Mode Once
Expert CPU Difficulty Level Complete Story Mode
Music and Voice Room Finish story mode once
Score Scuffle Beat Story Mode Once
Triangle Twister Puzzle Mode Complete Story Mode


Bob-omb Rival badge Earn 15,000 Mario Party points.
Boo Rival badge Earn 7,000 Mario Party points.
Bowser Jr. Rival Badge Earn 35,000 Mario Points
Bowser Rival Badge Earn 37,000 Mario Points
Cheep Cheep Rival badge Earn 5,000 Mario Party points.
Daisy Master badge Complete Story Mode with Daisy.
Diddy Kong Friend Badge Earn 21,000 Mario Points
Donkey Kong Friend Badge Earn 33,000 Mario Points
Dry Bones Rival Badge Earn 29,000 Mario Points
Goomba Rival badge Earn 1,000 Mario Party points.
Hammer Bro Rival Badge Earn 27,000 Mario Points
Kamek Rival Badge Earn 31,000 Mario Points
Koopa Friend Badge Earn 23,000 Mario Points
Luigi Master badge Complete Story Mode with Luigi.
Mario Master badge Complete Story Mode with Mario.
Mario Party DS Master Badge Earn 50,000 Mario Points
Mario Party DS Star Badge Earn 39,000 Mario Points
Monty Mole Rival badge Earn 13,000 Mario Party points.
Peach Master badge Complete Story Mode with Peach.
Piranha Plant Rival Badge Earn 25,000 Mario Points
Scuttlebug Rival badge Earn 3,000 Mario Party points.
Shy Guy Rival badge Earn 9,000 Mario Party points.
Toad Master badge Complete Story Mode with Toad.
Toadette Friend badge Earn 19,000 Mario Party points.
Waluigi Master badge Complete Story Mode with Waluigi.
Wario Master badge Complete Story Mode with Wario.
Whomp Rival badge Earn 11,000 Mario Party points.
Wiggler Friend badge Earn 17,000 Mario Party points.
Yoshi Master badge Complete Story Mode with Yoshi.

Boss Trophies You can see them in the gallery section:

Beaten Bowser Defeat Bowser Six Times
Beaten Dry Bones Beat Dry Bones 5 times
Beaten Hammer Bro Beat Hammer Bro 5 times
Beaten Kamek Beat Kamek 5 Times
Beaten Piranha Plant Beat Piranha Plant 4 times
Bomb Seed Beat Piranha Plant 3 times
Bowser Cube Defeat Bowser Five Times
Bowser Jr.'s Chair Defeat Bowser Three Times
Bowser's Chair Defeat Bowser Four Times
Bowser's MegaMorph Belt Beat Bowser once
Delicious Durian Beat Dry Bones twice
Dry Bones's Bone Beat Dry Bones 4 times
Electromagnetic Generator Beat Bowser twice
Enchanted Bookcase Beat Kamek twice
Hammer Bro's Hammer Beat Hammer Bro 4 times
Jagged Leaf Beat Piranha Plant once
Kamek's Blue Dictionary Beat Kamek 4 times
Kamek's Brown Book Beat Kamek 3 times
Magic Switch Beat Dry Bones 3 times
Toadette's Chair Beat Hammer Bro once
Toadette's Piano Beat Hammer Bro twice
Toadette's Timpano Beat Hammer Bro 3 times
Winner's Ballon Beat Piranha Plant twice
Winner's Pen Beat Kamek once
Yummy Lychee Beat Dry Bones once