Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - 3DS Cheats

Characters and Courses.

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Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS Characters and Courses.

The list below outlines the best character for each chosen event:-

100m Sonic
1000m Kayak Waluigi,Eggman
100m Backstroke Blaze,Peach,Amy
100m Breaststroke Wario,Waluigi
100m Freestyle Tails,Luigi
10km Marathon Swim Shadow,Yoshi
110m Hurdles Silver
1500m Shadow,Silver
20km Race Walk Luigi,Tails
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Metal Sonic,Eggman
3000m Steeplechase Yoshi,Shadow
4x100m Relay Sonic,Mario
Archery (boys) Luigi,Tails
Archery Amy
Badminton (singles and doubles) Waluigi,Eggman
Balance Beam Amy,Blaze
Basketball (Your skill counts) Anyone
Beach Volleyball Daisy,Blaze
BMX Luigi,Sonic
Boxing DK,Knuckles
Canoe Slalom Amy,Blaze
Cycle Sprint Sonic,Tails,Mario
Double Trap Knuckles,Bowser
Fencing-Epee Sonic,Luigi
Floor Yoshi,Silver,Shadow
Football Knuckles
Hammer Throw Bowser,Vector
Handball Metal Sonic,Wario
Hockey Eggman,Metal Sonic
Horizontal Bar Mario,Luigi
Javelin Throw Knuckles,Vector
Judo Sonic,Mario
Keirin Peach,Daisy
Long Jump Waluigi,Eggman,Metal Sonic
Marathon Sonic,Luigi
Modern Pentathlon Sonic,Tails
Omnium Blaze
Platform Diving (synchronized) Waluigi,Eggman
Pole Vault Mario,Luigi
Rings Knuckles,Vector,DK
Rowing-Quadruple Sculls Mario,Sonic
Rythmic Ribbon Peach
Sailing-470 Luigi,Tails
Shot Put Yoshi,Bowser Jr.
Show Jumping Daisy
Synchronized Swimming (duet) Tails,Luigi
Synchronized Swimming (team) Amy,Peach
Table Tennis (doubles) Sonic,Tails
Taekwondo Waluigi,Metal Sonic
Tennis (singles) Knuckles,Donkey Kong,Vector
Trampoline Bowser Jr.,Silver
Triathlon Sonic,Mario
Triple Jump Silver,Shadow
Water Polo Silver
Weightlifting DK,Bowser
Wrestling Bowser,DK