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Nintendo Wii


Mario already did a lot of sports, and he’s rather good at them. Now he tries four new ones – dodgeball, basketball, hockey and volleyball.

This has the same setup as some of the prior Mario sports games such as Mario Tennis, but is incomparable to the others in terms of its depth and level of difficulty. However, the games here are still tolerable and still quite enjoyable to play. The game offers you a choice to play either in an exhibition or tournament mode, and modes are further split to three cups – Mushroom, Flower, and Star, each of which has three matches to play. All of these modes can be played either alone or with a friend or two, which rather is one of the facts that make it enjoyable to play. If you play it alone, you will fight with the game’s AI, choosing between different characters with different abilities in terms of speed, power, and overall ability. If you play it with friends, you can have different characters, of course.

The dodgeball is played by dodging balls from your opponents to hit them back, once the ball hits them, it will either reduce their life bar or completely knock them out. This is a team play, and the goal is to win two sets to complete a complete match. The only problem in this game is the fact that there is only one ball, and it does not automatically switch the ball to the next team whose turn it is.

I didn’t like volleyball that much. It is just the typical volleyball game without any unusual challenge or variety offered. But don’t worry, everything is functional here.

There is ice and tarmac hockey which is rather more physical than just sporty, cause they made fighting and violence legal according to the rules. I personally didn’t get amused much by it, as I had to make extra movements to either attack or avoid getting hurt.

Of all the four games, Square Enix almost perfected basketball, maybe because they already got Mario Hoops 3-on-3 before. This mode is really awesome and incredible with all the moves you can execute – the dunks, layups, three-pointers, and alley-oops. Definitely an amazing game addition.

This game boasts simple controls for all sports, but don’t worry as they did not forgot that they’re playing with Mario – you wouldn’t miss the stars, shells, and even the jumping to hit a ? block to either get a coin, point, or Mario’s beloved fireball. The only thing I did not like at all is the fact that I had to finish each game to unlock more. But well, it’s part of the game.

Mario Sports Mix is best played with friends and family, and it is definitely recommended for everyone to try, especially if you still can’t get over Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom. Don’t expect too much though, and just enjoy the game while it lasts.

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Nintendo Wii


After chasing mushrooms and dodging fireballs, Mario decided to take a short break from his tedious tasks and went to try his hand in athletics. It should have been exciting to have Mario hook into sports if it weren’t for the fact that it wasn’t what one would have expected. Though it is not the first time that our Mario has dallied with sports, however one can say that it isn’t one of his best efforts and he could’ve done much better.

Mario’s latest athletic venture known as Mario Sports Mix fell short on anyone’s expectations. Though the compilation consists of four sports which include Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball and Dodge ball, the mechanics of the game are so utterly simple and predictable that after a few rounds, it gets tediously boring. Though there are a few surprises at each turn that raises the degree of excitement for a while, however it still fell short on what fun you would have expect from any Mario games.

Among the four compilations, Basketball is considered to be the most appealing play offered in Mario Sports Mix. Not only was it simplified that most of the rules have been nullified but you can focus on the game without worrying too much about fouls and penalties. However, if you’re playing you should notice that the play mainly focuses on the defensive side. Blocking a throw is way too easy and playing the offense is like a gamble especially since it takes a long time for the offensive player to pass a throw. However, if your opponent has fallen asleep because of the tediousness of the game, you can sure pass or complete a throw but then the pace of the game is so dragging that it is way too easy to catch up with the leading team. But despite that, it sure has its fun moments especially if you are able to dunk or shoot a three points at the last second under your friend’s nose.

Hockey is the next best feature but then if you enjoyed passing goalies at random, then this is the game for you. Everything depends on the game of chance. Sometimes, the computer will let you goal even at the weakest shot but it will also block your goals at the most inopportune times. One sure way to be able to score a point though is that if you’re in offense you should vie for the best position to make the goal however if you’re in defense, the best way is to be way quicker than your opponent and impede their shots.

Volleyball, on the other hand is same like the real thing though it doesn’t ensure that it is way more fun. A large circle depicts where to stand. You will then dab the ball to your teammate, wait for its volley and spike it back again to the opposing end. And so it goes on and on. A continuous repetition of volleys and spikes.

Lastly, we have dodge ball. Though its pace is way much faster than that of volleyball, however once you get the hang of the game, the excitement will just become anticlimactic. The goal of dodge ball is to hit your opponent with the ball and that’s it. However, one way to avoid being hit is to catch the ball and the faster you are and more alert you’ll become, there is no way that the ball is going to hit you. However, once you catch the ball you’ll just become the offensive player and will be the one to throw the ball. The key in this game is to learn how to catch the ball and after that everything just seems to become another repetition of throwing and catching thereby making the game a total bore.

Though the game Mario Sports Mix is not outright bad because it has its moments of fun, in the long run, the utter predictability and dullness of the game takes away most of the excitement. Compared to the previous versions of Mario games, this compilation really fell short as to what is expected. It is nice to offer a variety of Mario games but it should’ve been better than this.