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26 January 2010

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The next addition to Mass Effect is finally here. Command a team to the most dangerous spaces in space. This game is very intense and you find yourself lost in the new and improved graphics.

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8.1 / 10
All new rich and exciting storyline which decide your fate on the galaxy. All new stunning visuals and graphics. Dominate the battlefield and enjoy another great game by BioWare.
by Bioware
Release Date: 03/27/2008

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Mass Effect 2 PC Review.

Bioware has done it once again, and this time you will get totally lost in this epic storyline from the very first cut scene. The graphics are stunning and will push your video card to its limit. Make sure you have a good one! Bioware has wrote the book on great role playing games over the years, and this one simply does live up to the hype.

So this game is a direct descendant of the saga of Command Shepard. To make a long story short the Reapers (a race of machines) are intent on evening the score. Shepard (your character) has faced this already once before and now it's time to defeat them once again. Shepard has a new plan to recruit the best fighters from around the galaxy in order to defeat the Reapers.

You will simply get lost in the plot and storyline. You will meet all kinds of characters, which all have a unique story. You really get to know the characters, as if they are real people. They are backed with award winning voices and dialog. Mordin Solus, a Salarian scientist played by Michael Beattie, and Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man are just a couple of the voices in the game.

There is a conversation wheel that was introduced in the first game and it is back, but more improved. For instance, every little thing you say could trigger a different cut scene. This will really grip your attention, believe me. Like in Dragon Age: Origins everything you do can affect the storyline. This could be anything from choosing to be a male or female or deciding if someone will live or die. This gives the game a unique experience each time you play through the game. Even if you are brand new to Mass Effect you can create a player and customize them from scratch. Don't worry though, if you have a character from the first game you can easily import it into Mass Effect 2.

Bioware has taken out all the things people didn't like about the first game and improved nearly everything in this new addition. No more boring side quest, only ones that add to the story. You can choose from six classes which all have their own unique skills. Playing as different classes is drastically different if you are start as a soldier and then decide to play again as an infiltrator.

This is an awesome role playing shooter game. Shooter and RPG fans will absolutely love this game. You will pull your hair out to explore every nook and cranny this game has to offer. This game is simply a needle in a haystack.

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