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January 18, 2011

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Mass Effect 2 is a role-playing game with an outer space, science fiction setting and action-oriented, third-person shooter play. Players resume the role of Commander Shepard, the customizable protagonist of the first game, choosing the hero's gender, appearance, skills, and abilities to match personal preferences and playing styles. Combat is squad-based, as in the original game, and players may choose their teammates from a roster of stealthy assassins, superhumanly strong warriors, and brilliant masters of mystical powers. The continuing story involves the appearance of a race of insect-like humanoids, which seems to have been abducting entire colonies of humans from the fringes of known space.

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7.6 / 10
Mass Effect 3 continues in the signature RPG-shooter style of its predecessors. Players resume the role of series protagonist Commander Shepard, once again customizable in appearance and character ...
by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 03/06/2012

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As you may remember, Mass Effect was only released on Xbox360 and PC version, not on the PS3. So if you own a PS3, you’ll definitely jump onto this to enjoy the fun.

Mass Effect 2 is not just a common sequel of Mass Effect, it’s very much more. This version is more story-driven, you can say, as there’s this feature that flashbacks the first game’s story. But don’t worry, as this is just to put you at focus through your goal. BioWare managed to mix up RPG and sandbox in this third-person shooter game that is actually fit for all sorts of gamers.

The plot is to stop galactic forces to sweep off humanity. At the beginning, you will see the violent death of Commander Shepard, who will later on be resurrected by the Cerberus. You now have to fight off the Collectors, the species who are anti-human, together with the Cerberus to stop their evil plans for the human species. Though the game has its own story, you can deliberately control the outcome of the game by making your own choice here, whether it’s Paragon (righteous) or Renegade (harsh). Whatever you choose to do, say, or decide will impact the difficulty of the game, and this reality makes this game very amazingly engaging.

Gameplay is another thing that makes Mass Effect 2 compelling. It is very well-performed and continuous. You will have to fight hand in hand with other characters which are controlled by the AI, however, you will still have to be skilled on the weaponry and fighting, as you will have different weapons. These characters come from other parts of the galaxy, and whether they stay or not with you, will depend on how you treat them and what relationship you cultivate.

The game is also well-detailed and is not entirely focused with the story nor the combat. There are lots of unlockables and other ways to upgrade your items – from your ship, your armor, to your weapon. This presentation prevents you from getting bored and tired with all the repetitive stuff, and is one of the features you will definitely enjoy.

So we can definitely say that Mass Effect 2 is not just your ordinary alien game. It is of high quality, from the presentation, to the voices, to the animations, stories, and characters. The game is really well thought of and is nothing like the ordinary. It is a real world that we can adapt to, and which shows us that everything has a direct consequence. It is by in fact one of the best games you can play on PS3. You might be one of those who have waited for this version, and if you did, you will definitely be glad to know that it was all worth it. I am, however, expecting more on the next sequel, ME 3, but meanwhile, so long Xbox360, I’m playing this on PS3.

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January 18, 2011

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