Mass Effect 3 - PC Cheats


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Mass Effect 3 PC achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievements:-

A Personal Touch Modify a weapon.
Almost There Reach Level 15 in multiplayer or level 50 in single-player
Always Prepared Obtain two noncustomizable suits of armor.
Arbiter Win a political standoff
Battle-Scarred Promote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an
ME3 character.
Bringer of War Chase down an assassin.
Bruiser Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks.
Combined Arms Perform any combinations of 50 biotic combos or tech bursts.
Defender Attain the highest level of readiness in each theater of war.
Driven Return to active duty
Enlisted Start a character in multiplayer or customize a character in
Executioner Defeat an old adversary.
Explorer Complete three multiplayer matches or five N7 missions.
Eye of the Hurricane Kill a brute while it's charging you.
Fact Finder Discover an enemy's monstrous origin.
Focused Evolve any of your powers to rank 6.
Giant Killer Defeat a Harvester
Gunsmith Upgrade any weapon to level 10.
Hard Target Call down an orbital strike.
Hijacker Hijack an Atlas mech.
Insanity Finish the game on Insanity without changing difficulty after
leaving Earth.
Last Witness Extract ancient technology
Legend Mission accomplished.
Liberator Stop a Cerberus kidnapping
Long Service Medal Complete Mass Effect 3 twice or once with a Mass Effect 2 import.
Lost and Found Dispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.
Mail Slot Kill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their
shields are raised.
Master and Commander Deliver most of the Galaxy at War assets to the final conflict
Mobilizer Bring a veteran officer aboard.
Overload Specialist Overload the shields of 100 enemies.
Paramour Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship.
Party Crasher Sabotage a dreadnought.
Pathfinder Explore a lost city.
Patriot Make the final assault.
Peak Condition Reach Level 20 in multiplayer or level 60 in single-player.
Problem Solver Evacuate a scientific facility.
Pyromaniac Set 100 enemies on fire with powers.
Recruit Kill 250 enemies.
Saboteur Disable a group of fighter squadrons.
Shopaholic Visit a store in the single-player campaign.
Sky High Lift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.
Soldier Kill 1,000 enemies.
Tour of Duty Finish all multiplayer maps or all N7 missions in single-player.
Tourist Complete one multiplayer match or two N7 missions.
Tunnel Rat Survive the swarm.
Untouchable Escape a Reaper in the galaxy map.
Unwavering Finish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player
missions on Insanity.
Veteran Kill 5,000 enemies.
Well Connected Send a warning across the galaxy.
World Shaker Destroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.