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December 04, 2012

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All new rich and exciting storyline which decide your fate on the galaxy. All new stunning visuals and graphics. Dominate the battlefield and enjoy another great game by BioWare.

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8.8 / 10
The next addition to Mass Effect is finally here. Command a team to the most dangerous spaces in space. This game is very intense and you find yourself lost in the new and improved graphics.
by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 01/26/2010

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Mass Effect on the PC is simply stunning, from the moment I installed the game I was instantly hooked. I mean who doesn't like to travel the galaxy and kill crazy creatures. It all comes with a DEEP storyline that will have RPG fans calling in sick to work just so they can play it. Not saying I would do that

It comes with a great BioWare plot that will captivate science or even Star Wars fans. The graphics are incredible and the environments are deep and rich.

So here is the general idea behind Mass Effect. So, several years in the future some alien technology has been discovered on Mars which makes interstellar travel possible. There is even a UN (United Nations) like council, which is populated by many different kinds of aliens, as well as humans.

So like any good role playing game there is a conflict. The conflict is that a special agent attacked human colony on Eden Prime. You are then set on mission to hunt him down. It wouldn't be all that simple as a number of unpredictable situations take place. You will find yourself traveling around to various alien worlds and engaging in epic fights.

This is a game where you decide if you want to play for good or evil. You can make a variety of choices that will decide your own unique outcome. It is a character interaction game where you can decide your fate. For instance, you can treat aliens or people like crap and end of having to fight them. In contrast, you can talk to people in a nice manner and gain new friends along the way. I like to fight!

The combat system in incredibly deep, you can play as a number of different classes and you will even control two others which you meet as the game goes on. What I like about this game is you can play it fast paced and blast foes to death or you can pause the game and give out tactical commands.

This game does come with a couple of drawbacks. The side quest are a bit of the same old same old. I don't know how many times you are going to get on a ship go somewhere and blast away. It is not to the point where it is excessive, but could use a bit more variety. I did notice that this game did push my Nvidia 8800GTX to its limit, so you will want to make sure you have a top notch graphics card to play this game.

It is a great game and you will get many hours of gameplay out of it. I don't know if it just me but I have already felt that RPG's should be played on the PC not on consoles. A buddy of mine actually got me in this series and told me there are lots of new things he didn't see when he was playing Mass Effect on the Xbox 360.

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Oct 27, 2014

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December 04, 2012

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