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May 22, 2012

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Men in Black: Alien Crisis on PlayStation 3 puts you in control of new MIB recruit, Agent P, as he joins the impeccably dressed alien hunters on another mission to save the planet from the threat of extraterrestrial life. Hundreds of obscure beings have already landed on Earth, and it's your job to take them out with a range of futuristic weapons. Duck and dodge behind cars and walls as you wait for your snarling prey to appear - then launch your attack. Once you've wiped out a group of Worm Aliens or Adorian Elites, you can set about making sure the public are none the wiser to the destruction - and what better way to do that than trapping them in a bubble for a few minutes? Once inside their transparent, floating shell, innocent humans will have no recollection of the havoc being wreaked around them.

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Men In Black: Alien Crisis is a game based on the iconic films that is sadly disappointing. Lackluster graphics, terrible gameplay and an overpriced, short campaign, all contribute to poor critical reviews. It was launched in North America on May 22, 2012 by Activision. Loosely based around Men In Black 3, the game features play as neither of the famous agents, instead, the game creates its own agent.

Alien Crisis features light gun/on-the-rails gameplay, which means that you automatically move from area to area after clearing the enemies around you. There are usually a couple places to duck into cover in each area you fight in, but is easy enough to kill most of the enemies while sitting out in the open.

Unfortunately, killing them isn't all that fun. None of the guns are remarkable at all (with the exception of one), and there are only a few different kinds of enemies to shoot at. All of the enemies have very simplistic behavior and poor AI. There are stealth levels and investigation bits as well, but both of these styles also fall far short of expectations. The stealth levels have you doing the same thing over and over again, stay out of the cone of visibility from the camera, destroy the camera, take out the alien. The investigation portions allow you to do the extremely exciting activity of slowly moving your reticle over the environment.

Graphics for Men In Black Alien Crisis look like they came from a past-generation console such as the GCN. This, combined with the crappy AI and lackluster presentation, really raises a question about another irritating feature of the game, the 30-second loading screens.

The campaign/story mode doesn't feature the actors from the movies, and it doesn't last much longer than three hours. The game doesn't really have anything to hold you to it after you're finished with the campaign, and with prices as high as other, better, games it's a very questionable decision to purchase it.

If you do buy the game, expect to mute your television about an hour in. That's because you'll be beginning to get irritated by the terrible writing and dialogue. Your female sidekick (perfectly cliched) will get ever more flirtatious, and the spy movie lines will get old fast.

It isn't recommended that you buy Men In Black: Alien Crisis. It's an on-the-rails, light gun shooter with very little going for it; apparently Activision is trying to sell the game based on the popularity of the movie series. Unfortunately, the game doesn't even begin to represent the iconic films. A much better job could have been done. Last generation visuals, blatantly irritating audio, poor story telling, a short campaign and a high price all combine to make a poor title. That might be why critical reviews are so poor, with the UK iteration of Official Nintendo Magazine giving it a 40/100, a score typical of what is being seen for the game.

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May 22, 2012

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