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December 05, 2006

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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on the PSP follows on from the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on PlayStation 2, with Naked Snake beginning the game in a cell. Via a brilliantly drawn cutscene comic book fans will love the cinematic sequences, drawn by renowned artist Ashley Wood - we learn that Snake has been taken captive by his former unit, FOX. From there, it's breakout time, courtesy of a fellow prisoner who sets Snake off on a new mission to dismantle a deadly nuclear threat. Gameplay is up to the high standards set by MGS3, with Snake's range of moves and equipment instantly familiar to fans of the series. Sneaking about and taking out guards with maximum efficiency is as compelling as ever, and the superb presentation only makes it more so.

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Release Date: 11/13/2007

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This is a multiplayer game with an excellent story and such a deep campaign. The story is provoking in nature that reveals a lot about Snake (the main character). The gameplay is best suite and has great portability though it is based on such a complex story. The multiplayer is fully featured and includes quite a number of options like the online play, game sharing plus many others. The game is presented in such a stunning manner, with superb graphics, soundtracks and very clear speech. The game also has a high re playability. However it has its drawbacks which include the complicated control scheme which has a steep learning curve and also it is missing some vital 3D cutscenes and also the speech is not quite efficient enough to pass in the game.

If you area fan of stealth action series then this is the game for you. The game is a continuation of the MGS3 Snake Eater and it brings some of those versions mysteries in the game. If you have watched that version, then you have an insight of what Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops is all about. However here you are taking to some new interesting directions from the main gameplay. The game has an open ended solo campaign as well as some deep multiplayer options coupled with other surprises.

The story line takes place in a secret Soviet base in South America where as the game begins, Snake or Big Boss is captured and detained there by his former companions in FOX unit. There is Roy who is a young Green Beret who helps him to escapes. Then the two try working out on how to put to a stop the goings on between the Soviet militants and the American Forces. Soon the two realize that they may need help to tackle the situation so they start recruiting their own soldiers. With the progress of the story then Snake who is already likable will meet with some of the American forces and that is what the game is based upon basically.

When you first capture an enemy soldier you will find it in a detailed cutscene. It explains where you will find the enemy soldiers converting and becoming loyal to you and thereafter joining your army. To capture the enemy soldier you will have to knock them down and when they are unconscious you will dump them at the back of your truck. It is worth noting that the squads you gather in the single-players are the same you will use in the online for multiplayer so you should therefore kidnap and convert some locals and you do so by going on a variety of missions.

The game looks and sounds fantastic especially in the case of a portable game. Most of the surrounding is quite basic. You will also find that the characters are quite impressive and they fit for the parts they play. Like you will find Snake clad in that new shinny suit. Those who love blood all over in such a game however may be disappointed because there is no blood in reality pouring here. There is not much violence in the game though it is rated as for adults; there is nothing really much that should stop the young ones from playing it. This game is one of the best PSP games that you will come across.

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December 05, 2006

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