Metroid Other M - Wii Cheats


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Metroid Other M Wii unlockables. [code]

Hint Secret Morph Ball Overload Attack

If you charge your Beam and turn into the Morph Ball before releasing it you can drop 5 Normal Bombs at
once. Also, if you charge while in Morph Ball you can shoot a Charged Beam immediately when you turn
back into your Suit.

Unlock Gallery You have to beat the game to unlock the Gallery.

Gallery Pages 1-4 Beat the Metroid Queen
Gallery Pages 5-7 Beat the Epilogue, escape the Bottle Ship
Gallery Page 8 Beat the game with 100% Item Completion

Unlock Theater Mode

Beat the game to unlock the Theater Mode in the main menu. In this mode you can watch all the game's
cut scenes in one place, linked together with recorded gameplay footage.

Chapters 1-26 Beat the Metroid Queen
Chapters 27-30 Beat the Epilogue, escape the Bottle Ship

Unlock Hard Mode
Complete the game with all items (100%) to unlock Hard Mode. There are no Power-Ups to collect in
Hard Mode and you will take slightly more damage.

Unlock Item Locations and Completion Percentage

After you beat the final boss and see the game credits roll, return to the Bottle Ship and your map
will be updated with all item locations. You'll also get a completion percentage based on your collected items.