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October 20, 2008

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Midnight Club Los Angeles drops players into a painstakingly recreated version of world-famous Tinseltown. Broken down into five distinct open-world gameplay areas, linked on the game map, cumulatively these areas comprise a massive area, much larger than anything ever seen in previous Midnight Club releases and possibly larger than any existing racer to date. Within these areas, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Mulholland Drive and Downtown LA, players are free to engage in mission play driving them to attain and customize a wide range of authentic world-class street racing vehicles, or to simply explore the city, taking on all comers in a variety of race types as they wish.

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This game has already hit the world on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on the streets of San Diego, and it managed to highlight the things you expected to see. The same is true with the Midnight Club: Los Angeles version the cars are fantastic, racing is great, and the city is really awesomely perfect. Everything is visually impressive for its platform. But this is not the only thing LA boasts.

This game also boasts of a really rewarding gameplay, it might not be as great as Grand Theft Auto, but it is surely something you will enjoy. There are lots of shortcuts around the city, and you will feel like you can drive anywhere and still hope to discover something more without getting bored on one straight road only. The only let-down in this is of course it’s hard to memorize the streets, but well, there are some markers which will help you find the right directions. And if these fail to help you, you still have the GPS, and it works great. The camera is really cool, and you can zoom in and out to see the streets to find your way out. Whether it’s day or night, you can definitely see it in the system and you’ll be warned if it is going to get rainy. Sounds cool, eh?

What I just don’t like with the GPS, or the camera rather, is that you cannot control its orientation so if there are some streets to find which are very well hidden behind tall buildings, you will have a hard time looking for them. But these are just minor things and it still works fantastically.

The cars really are great to control. You will feel the rush and tension running on your veins while driving, and you’d love doing power slides cause these function very well. Dealing with the cops is also cool but a bit realistic, well since they will get you to pull over and fine you for overspeeding most of the time. But it would be better to let them chase you, as this is extremely fun in this wide city.

A let-down for me I guess is the fact that AI drivers are too much way ahead of you most of the time, and no matter what you do, no matter how much of an upgrade, practice, or pimping you do, you will never outrun them. This is just really frustrating. Well, I can’t accept the fact that a Corvette will beat my Ducati.

Highway races help a bit, but you have to find someone to fight with. It’s great though, as you can use your abilities here. And I love the fact that I can race with other players online. Yes, it does have an online option and at least I can beat real humans here!

So while there are still flaws with the LA version of Midnight Club, I still loved the whole experience. The AI drivers will give you a hard time, so you’re better off racing with real people, as there are more chances you’ll win.

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October 20, 2008

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