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January 18, 2011

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MindJack is a futuristic shooter that lets players freely jump into the bodies of people, creatures, and even mechs to complete objectives. In the year 2031, you are part of a rogue team of special agents trying to stop an evil corporation's latest technology from being used against an unwitting populace. Combining elements of action and role playing, MindJack lets you acquire various augmentations for your cybernetic character that will unlock new abilities in areas like stealth, hacking, and combat. Similar in concept to Deus Ex, MindJack allows you to use these skills to approach situations in multiple ways. You can directly engage groups of enemies simply by shooting at them, for example, try to sneak up behind them, or attempt to use social skills to extract helpful information. In addition to the story-driven campaign, MindJack also provides a virtual playground that can be freely altered by online players.

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January 18, 2011

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