Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror Fate 3DS Cheats

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Super Gamer Dude

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror Of Fate 3DS cheats.

Extra Cutscene.

Complete the game with 100% to unlock an extra cutscene.

Hardcore Mode.

Complete the game in order to unlock this mode.

Staff Credits.

After you have completed the game, you can view the staff credits in the Extras menu.


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Super Gamer Dude

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror Fate 3DS unlockables.

Hardcore Mode.
You need to successfully complete the game to unlock the Hardcore difficulty mode.

Extra Animation Sequence.
Get a 100% game completion to view an extra animation sequence.

Staff Credits Option.
You need to successfully complete the game to unlock the "Staff Credits" option at the "Extras" menu.

Easy Daemon Lord Reborn battle.
Although the Daemon Lord Reborn is normally defeated by depleting its health and triggering a
finishing sequence while it is stunned, there is a glitch that allows the Boss to be stunned
at the beginning of the fight. To do this, wait until the Daemon Lord attacks, and use the
magnetic railing above to get to the opposite side it is facing. Make sure to give yourself
enough distance from the Boss so it will not counterattack with its tail. Next, drop down,
charge up the bat projectile, and time its release so that it collides with the Daemon Lord's
sides as it turns around.

If done correctly the Daemon Lord will now be stunned, and open for a finisher -- which normally
is not possible until several phases of the fight have passed. Although the following sequence
will appear strange due to Alucard and the Daemon Lord clipping though objects that normally
would not be there, the cutscene will nonetheless conclude with the Boss being defeated, and
you being awarded the Demonic Wings.