MLB 08: The Show - PSP

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March 03, 2008

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Sony PSP PS3


MLB '08: The Show on the PSP is set to provide fans with the most realistic baseball experience to date with innovations such as a more immersive Road to The Show mode, enabling gamers to play both offense and defense from the created player's perspective. Providing players with some additional performance incentives, the MLB franchise introduces the Progressive Batting Performance feature, which will both reward players for superior performance and penalize them for hitting slumps. Specific to each individual batter, players will be rewarded with slight contact bonuses, or punished with slight decreases in contact, based on how that batter performs beyond his "natural ability. Overall, MLB '08: The Show is a worthy contender for the fans who enjoy this style of sportsmanship out on the field.

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Release Date:

March 03, 2008

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