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May 25, 2010

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ModNation Racers is a system-exclusive kart racing game that allows users to create, customize, and share levels with the PlayStation 3 community. Viewed from a third-person perspective behind your go-kart, the game involves effectively using drifting techniques to fill a multifunctional boost meter. Depending on the meter's level, you can use the boost for a temporary surge of speed or for a shield to defend against enemy projectiles. Weapons scattered across the tracks include missiles, lightning strikes, sonic waves, and more. Each weapon can also be powered up to new levels, allowing for enhanced attacks. Similar in concept to LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers features a robust set of tools to customize characters, vehicles, and tracks.

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by D3 Publisher
Release Date: 10/18/2011

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ModNation Racers has to be the epitome of kart racing today! At first glance, you may say that the game is another one of those racing games in HD. But it is more than just that - the career mode, the characters and the race itself and making your way through your stable, and the online mode is an experience that is really worth it. After you play the game, you’d definitely say that it’s not just the average kart racing game.

The main concept or feature in the game is the "Play, Create, and Share". In the game, you can create characters/racers that are known as Mods, karts and tracks to race through. Hence, you can share your creations online, or download the works of others. And do not worry if you do not have any experience building anything in games, the tools in the game can help you out and everything is compatible with everything. So just mix them up.

Now off we go to the specifics in the creation. There are preset skins and patterns in the racers, but you can go for different shades and colors to make them your own. You can also change the material of the karts. Choose from plastic, cloth, metal or rubber. The face of the characters has also 247 eye options and 315 mouth types. Then there are tons to choose from when it comes to the shirts, pants horns, hats and so on. The canvass is yours!

The same is true when creating tracks; there are presets when it comes to themes: the alpine, the desert, the seaside and even the jungle. In these themes, feel free to pave your road anyway you like. Every turn and direction, and even the uphill and the downhill is your discretion. The game even gives you the option to place sheep or buildings on the racetrack.

With the tools in the game, the limit of your creation is practically leveled with your imagination. But let us say that you have no interest in creating karts and paving racetracks. That’s not a problem. There’s the online mode where you can just download creations of other people.

Even the driving experience is neat. The game is firm and drifting is precise. Hence, a player’s skill is also tested in the game. There is also a point system in the race; the point you gain can be used to boost up your shield for a period. This is a great feature in the game. While racing, you run into weapons and abilities that you can use to win the race. There are missiles - even homing missiles.

You can use the single player mode if you want to practice and get your skills honed. There is also the career mode if you want. In this option there are objectives for you to accomplish in order to move to the next stage.

One great feature is the local split screen option where you can race with up to four players in one TV. And if you feel like going big time, there is the online mode where you test your creation against others.

But the game is still not perfect. There are weaknesses like in the multiplayer mode. The split screen can lower the framerate a bit. And the scenes that feature your Mods can look blocky. The greatest weakness of the game is its load screens. It’s all over the game. The loads are short though, but they are still annoying.

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May 25, 2010

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