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October 25, 2010

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Everyone can play the game easily, even the kids, just as the board game could be played even by a 7 year old. Is it recommended? Yes, definitely recommended.

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6.8 / 10
It is the first of its kind on Wii – a fun trivia game that is not your usual adventure or puzzle game. However, the game might be smart, but the price isn’t.
by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 11/13/2007

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Monopoly is a board game that has been around for a very long time. It is still a favourite for many who like to stay at home, sit around the table and just have quiet/noisy play time with family or friends. The game has been translated into Wii. Obviously the question would be, ‘what for?’ well, for the sceptical, this is a good game that has translated well. Fans of the board game should experience it. Those who are not fans would be surprised and could get hooked. Let’s find out some of the good reasons why this is so.

First off, the game is not a basic board game presentation. Contrary to what the first impression is when first seeing the title, the player is in the middle of the Monopoly community and walls the streets – the very reason for the name Monopoly Streets. So if the player has to go through jail, they literally get sent off to jail. Should they wish to examine their purchase, they can. Should you just roll and need to drive by, the player gets to see the streets and the buildings just like it could be viewed in real life.

The presentation is really good, this is the surprising thing. What is even more surprising is that the game keeps on holding on to the players. The interest levels can increase considerably as the player continues to play. There is no way that a player would let go once they are hooked on the game. It is very interesting and challenging and emotions could easily be tapped. Seeing that beautiful building sold because of money owed gives the player a surreal feeling. Playing with others is just like the original board game, it is just as challenging and just as emotionally stimulating.

The board game on its own is already a great game, and it just translates well on this Wii version. There is actually a lot of action in the game play and sometimes the player can forget counting their money. The involvement in the gameplay could be such that emotions could run high.

Visually the game looks really great, another surprising thing. The game board based games are usually presented visually as game boards, but this one is not. The player is brought down into the board game and becomes part of the game, not merely an observer playing it. A bonus is that unlike other Wii games, the visuals are not blurry.

For those looking for a Chariots of Fire orchestra playing in the background, one could not expect it from Wii. But at least it is not as annoying as the others. However, there are some character voices that do get annoying.

The game is great to have around friends and family and should be part and parcel of the library or collection. Everyone can play the game easily, even the kids, just as the board game could be played even by a 7 year old. Is it recommended? Yes, definitely recommended.

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Electronic Arts

Release Date:

October 25, 2010

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