Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Cheats

Bonus Quests.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Bonus Quests.

Reach the indicated hunter rank after completing the 8* Urgent "Black Flame Of Calamity"
to unlock the corresponding quest:-

Abyssal Awakening Abyssal Lagiacrus quest: Reach HR 70.
Best Of Enemies Purple Ludroth, Volvidon, Steel Uragaan, Great Wroggi" quest: Reach HR 35.
Four Point Formation Nargacuga, Barioth, Green Nargacuga, Sand Barioth quest: Reach HR 80.
Heavy Hitters Black Diablos, Jade Barroth, Duramboros, Steel Uraagan" quest: Reach HR 90.
Invisible Predator Lucent Nargacuga quest: Reach HR 40.
March Of Victory Brachydios, Rust Duramboros, Ivory Lagiacrus, Stygian Zinogre" quest:
Reach HR 100.
Moonlit Tryst Gold Rathian, Silver Rathalos quest: Reach HR 50.
Rage Match 2 Deviljho quest: Reach HR 45.
Ring Of The Golden Lune Gold Rathian quest: Reach HR 25.
Ring Of The Silver Sol Silver Rathalos" quest: Reach HR 30.
The Earth Quakers Pink Rathian, Rust Duramboros, Brachydios, Stygian Zinogre quest:
Reach HR 55.
The Sea Shakers Royal Ludroth, Gobul, Plesioth, Lagiacrus" quest: Reach HR 60.
Lagiacrus Rare Species Reach HR 70 to unlock the Lagiacrus Rare Species.
Nargacuga Rare Species Reach HR 40 to unlock the Nargacuga Rare Species.