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Fast forward twenty years, and we see a number of fighting games out there, but still no franchise regularly provides a solid fighting experience in a title that comes out on a regular basis. No franchise, except this one. The Mortal Kombat games have regularly continued to be released, and bought, over the years by gamers who, apparently, cannot get the fix they want in violently beating an opponent up in other fighting games. Considering their focus on fighting, thatÂ’s a little surprising, but seems to be the way that it is. Now, this newest version of Mortal Kombat is a total homage to the first three that continues to bring a solid fighting system home, along with enough blood to supply an Aztec ritual.

With this new game, the realm of Mortal Kombat has returned home to 2D. ItÂ’s a good choice, because the game has so many aspects that are similar to the first three versions that it would be ridiculous to throw them all into a 3D field. Also, there is a new special bar that increases as you do damage, and decreases as you get hit. That bar has three sections that can be filled up, but a player can unleash the entire amount of special theyÂ’ve acquired to that point once it reaches the lowest section. That powers up the characterÂ’s special moves to be more powerful. If a player wants to use two bars of special, they can escape from an enemyÂ’s hold move, and if they have all three, they unleash an x-ray beam attack that will annihilate the health of their enemy. Having this system of being able to choose your power-up is yet another way that characters have to strategize as they fight.

One of the best things about the Mortal Kombat series is playing with friends, and this one doesnÂ’t disappoint. You can play a battle against your friend on one TV, or you can play online against opponents. Lag online was there, but didnÂ’t affect the games much. There was, of course, no lag playing head to head.

For those gamers that grew up with the Mortal Kombat series of games, this one will certainly feel like it fits right into the lineage. For those who discovered fighting games after them, this is a fighting game with its own style, pacing, and history. If youÂ’re a fan of the fighting genre at all, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try. For if you cannot defeat Shao Khan, then no one Khan.

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The story mode of Mortal Kombat has fewer arcade modes along with cutscenes. Every fight involves in-engine cinematics which will let you embark on a journey that reboots the narration of the previous three games. The story begins where Mortal Kombat: Armageddon left off in which the Thunder God was under attack from Shao Kahn who happens to be an evil emperor who plans to merge the Outworld with Earth Realm.

As the player, you will take the role of Johnny Cage initially and as the game progresses, you will have the chance to play as different fighters, most of them have already made appearances during the previous games. You will also be going through different surroundings that are remarkable. These places are filled with details, re-creating several classic environments derived from previous games. For instance, there will be a time where you are fighting near a river filled with blood and the next time, you will be placed in an arena full of monsters and chained slaves. Every time, you change characters in the story mode, you will have the chance to learn regarding their origins as well as their intentions in participating in the tournament.

To keep you entertained, the single-plane two dimensional fighting which the series is noted for is also present together with 3D models to make it more delightful. Your objective is to defeat your opponents with the use of a variety of kicks, punches and special moves that will include throwing of knives, acid spit and fireballs. There are actually four attack buttons and each one will correspond to a certain limb just like that of the Tekken series. Buttons for blocks and throws are also separate.

The advent of the new controls are quite responsive similar to Mortal Kombat II which is quick. You will be required to use quick reflexes to resist the attacks of your opponents and even if the button combinations are already very simple, you still have to be fast in pressing the button at the appropriate time. A super meter has also been added which will provide you with several options during combat.

Mortal Kombat also has fatality training mode which will depict your position and will display button commands onscreen together with an input display in order for the player to see his mistakes. However, this does not appear in the Tutorial mode that will teach you the basics in fighting and the new addition to the game which is tag team fighting. The ladder mode will give you the opportunity to learn new tag team skills against computer opponents and this is also an important arcade mode by which you will fight against Shao Kahn in the end.

The Challenge Tower is also another part of the tutorial mode which will teach you various strategies by way of a series of challenges and minigames. At the outset, these will be easy but later on, these will become harder and harder as you advance. The Challenge Tower, Story as well as the Ladder modes are certainly entertaining offerings to make the game among the many fighting games that is rich in content. Rewards will be in the form of coins which will be used in buying your way up to the Challenge Tower once you are stuck on a certain challenge or would want to buy a new content in the virtual graveyard which become a shopping mall called Krypt.

In general, Mortal Kombat is considered the most complete fighting game as well as the bloodiest. With a 2D combat system and polished controls, the game is appropriate for newcomers to have amazing fun. Game enthusiasts will certainly have loads of entertainment.