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May 03, 2011

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MotorStorm: Apocalypse is set in a dynamically changing urban setting. Bridges, skyscrapers, subway tunnels, and other structures can crumble, crash, burn, twist, or collapse at any moment. Drive and customize your choice of supercar, muscle car, chopper, and superbike while engaging rival racers across an earthquake-ravaged metropolis. More than 40 races are included, each challenging you to survive machine gun fire, rocket attacks, and the destructible environment. Up to four players are supported via split-screen display, while up to 16 racers can compete online in custom-created game modes.

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The plot is simple, race for your life as all the structure in front, the back or the sides get deformed and destroyed thanks to the natural disasters like earthquakes. Visually the game offers eye candy and can affect the gameplay. Reacting to the chaos can get the suspense up in no time. So the game mostly plays on the nerves of the player itself.

For the over critical the visuals are just cosmetic additions in an attempt to increase the excitement of the play and that the whole thing is just involves a whole lot of controlled scripting that will just allow the gamer to get through the courses set before them.

But all the criticisms could not alter the fact that Apocalypse is a truly fun game. There are additions that can make the gameplay extremely fast paced, even more than its predecessors. This makes it also the most challenging of all. For one thing, unlike the other games, the gamer does not get to choose a vehicle so if they are given one they need to master it.

However, there is a certain feel of ‘sameness’ throughout the whole game, no matter the level or the course. Each course will never get the player to the top positions unless the final lap is finally reached. And then it takes a lot of skill for the gamer to stay in the top position.

One irritating thing about the courses, those vehicles which are heavier and sturdier than that give to drive would frequently crash into the back. This also makes it even more challenging to stay and finish the race.

The feel I got when playing the game is not so much like a race than a slalom course which I need to get over successfully without getting the car demolished. So if anyone says that this is a racing game, then they are either terribly mistaken or they do not know what they are playing.

Still, it’s worth a play.

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Nov 18, 2014

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May 03, 2011

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