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September 08, 2009

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade is set in feudal Japan and named after an infamous swordsmith, Muramasa which puts players in the role of either a possessed princess named Momohime, or a fugitive ninja named Kisuke, as they go on a quest to find 108 cursed swords and defeat the demonic minions of an evil shogun. Gamers must pay attention to their sword health, because when blades break they take a long time to heal. Luckily, players can carry three different katana with them, and switching to a fresh sword while a damaged sword heals is a necessity during epic boss battles.

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Muramasa The Demon Blade is a really great game with regards to its background details. You will probably get stuck into this game. Flaws of the games are overpowered by the fantastic artistic design. Muramasa will capture your heart by its visual effects. The caves, waterfalls and even the battle bosses gets the same attention because they are also crafty done and their fighting patterns are absolutely random. The repetitive actions of don’t match the artistic beauty of the game but its visuals will make Muramasa a memorable experience.

As a start, you will choose between Momohime, a possessed girl by a swordsman and Kisuke, a boy who don’t know who he is. The game is a journey of searching the truth, killing gods, demons and everything that stands in the way. Whatever characters you choose, you will travel the same world and encounter the same battles. Along the adventure you are to collect different swords that will help you strangle enemies. The two stories have some clues that will help you solve unexplained madness at times if played the second time using the other character.

The game can be played with Classic Controller or a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and the control schemes are all the same. Offensive and defensive moves are all controlled by just one button. Slashing and moving from side to side, giving uppercut or speedy downward strikes are only some of the combos to do in the game but it lacks depth. It has a really short battle scheme that you can’t change your attack strategy very often. There are also hidden treasures that are not hidden at all for they are designated on your map.

Swords are collected every time you defeat a boss but can be forged in the adventure. You bring three kinds of swords in every battle because it weakened every time you block an attack from the opponent. The sword will shatter if not rested, and to regain its health bar it must be put back into its sheath and use another one to continue the battle. More than 100 swords are in the game to collect and each has a different power to discover. Bosses like centipedes and towering gods are just few of them that you need to discover the powers of your swords for them to be beaten.

The 2D experience of beautiful landscapes can even take your breath away that you don’t care if there are enemies around or you’re slicing them into pieces even if some of the landscapes are repeated.

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September 08, 2009

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