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June 03, 2014

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In Murdered: Soul Suspect, players take control of Ronan O'Connor, a detective with a bumpy history who had the very recent misfortune of being murdered. Stuck in a state of limbo, O'Connor must use his newly acquired supernatural abilities to explore the historic city of Salem, MA, on the hunt for his killer. Ronan can no longer interact with most objects in the physical world, but he has the ability to pass through interior walls, and he can possess living people to see through their eyes, listen to what they hear, or influence their thinking to read their minds. When examining crime scenes and interacting with clues, gamers are presented with a series of words or phrases that they must select in the proper order to unlock plot-illuminating cutscenes.

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Murdered Soul Suspect is an action-adventure stealth game where you play as Ronan O'Connor, who was once a criminal but on meeting his wife Julia straightened his life out and becomes a police tech.

The game begins with you on the tail of a criminal who catches you and throws you out of the window of an upstairs apartment but the resulting fall to the pavement proves not to be fatal but instead leaves you in a state of limbo, somewhere between alive and dead. Doing the sensible thing you try to climb back into your body but much to your chagrin the killer comes up and shoots you seven times and adding insult to injury does it with your own gun. The killer is the infamous serial murderer, the Bell Killer.

Now your body is dead but you're stuck in this world as a soul who cannot leave and be reunited with his wife Julia, who is already dead, and rest in peace, until you find the Bell Murderer. Now I'm not going to spoil anything but it makes this review more difficult because it's so very much story-driven.

Being a ghost enables you to do ghostly things such as walk through barriers, well most of them. I know it has to be hard to make a game where you can move through things because you have to draw a line somewhere and the way the game does this is to let you go into any building if the door is open, but once you are inside you can go pretty much anywhere. The places you can go inside and outside have a white glow to them. Usually you can walk through wooden walls but not brick walls, which to me doesn't make much sense, it seems weird but again I suppose that ghosts are pretty strange things anyway.

I did have some frame rate issues and even a few instances where humans would walk right through walls as if they too were ghosts, Once I watched a guy walk right through a wall and I could not go through and I'm the one who is supposed to be the ghost. These confusing and annoying events are few and far between.

The enemies in Murder Soul Suspects are demons and they will suck your soul if they find you. Luckily every time they are around you can hide in ghost soul's residues and these show up as white ghostly looking things that you can teleport to. While you are in these you can use things to distract the demons and sneak up behind them to execute and, each time you execute, the buttons you have to hit are randomized which is nice because if not it would be way to easy.

During your investigations you have to find evidence that pieces together clues to get a grasp of what's going on. While investigating you can possess humans, which allows you to mind read, see what they see and have an influence on what they do. When you influence them you will be given different clues to choose from to make them try to remember and realize something that may be crucial to the case. This is very important because you're a ghost and you can't just show someone that photo hidden under the book. You can also possess cats and you can then use cats to reach areas you couldn't get to before because when you possess a cat you can fully control where it goes and you can even meow, I don't know why but you can.

The game has no changeable difficulty level, just normal, which is in fact easy by the usual standards. The hardest thing is just paying attention to what's going on and trying to piece together a puzzle which you will be keen to do because the story is very interesting and is the strong suit of the game. The game relies heavily on cut-scenes to help storytelling and it does it very well. The game's graphics are solid other than the occasional dropping of frames and clipping.

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June 03, 2014

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