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December 07, 2010

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Nail'd will allow gamers to speed up nearly vertical mountains, vault over chasms, and plummet hundreds of feet to the racetrack below through 14 extreme off-road courses in Nail'd. The arcade-style action finds players climbing aboard a variety or quads and dirt bikes and then careening through fantastical landscapes at breakneck speeds. The Nail'd physics engine allows for full control of in-air vehicles, letting gamers shorten or lengthen their jumps and change their descent angles to shave precious seconds off of their lap times.

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One of the major portions of a racing game is the environments that you are racing through. In this racing game, there are mountains, forests, caves and rocks, all of them beautiful to watch as you race through them at breakneck speeds. Despite the fact that this scenery rushes past you, it doesn't seem to move quite the way that it really would at that speed, leaving the player feeling as if they are watching a movie, maybe, but certainly not driving along at super-speeds.

Even worse than the visuals that you're driving through not appearing real, is the sense that you're not really driving over the terrain. This game is like that, giving the feeling more of floating over the track than anything else. There are even portions where you can just hold down the gas, and the terrain will properly steer your vehicle. Even with the huge jumps and thrilling drops that every course offers, any racing gamer worth their salt will soon want something more realistic.

If those two issues weren't bad enough, the boost system that is in this game is also unexciting. Boost is gained by driving through gates strewn about the course. In addition, performing special boost feats also awards your character boost, as well as smashing other opponents. While the little moves that need to be performed to actually garner some boost make the tracks a little bit more fun, actually performing boost drains the screen of color. The screens that had flashed past before, that were somewhat unrealistic, end up looking completely and totally unrealistic as you perform boost and supposedly go ultra-fast.

As you drive through the course on Nail'd, you end up bumping things, here and there. That's not a big deal, as long as the bump physics remain consistent. In this game, however, they do not. A minor bump on the side of your vehicle can totally stop you without a moment's notice. A bigger bump, from an angle, traveling at speed, however, sometimes allows you to drive on without even noticing it. These inconsistencies make a player feel like every level is more a roll of the dice then a race.

Despite there being an online component, and also a hefty single player campaign, there just isn't enough in Nail'd for a gamer to spend their time on. There are other ATV and motorcycle games out there, and while Nail'd delivers a couple of rushes with their big drops and jumps through circles of flames, you'll probably want to just rent this game, and find another to fulfill your need for the race.

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December 07, 2010

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