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November 04, 2008

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Namco Bandia Games brings the ultimate game collection to the Xbox 360 console! With over 30 titles, Namco Museum Virtual Arcade is jam-packed with nostalgic favorites and future classics. Re-live the old school days of classic arcade games with Galaxian, Super Pac-Man, Dig Dug II, Pole Position, Pac-Mania and Rolling Thunder and many more. Namco Museum Virtual Arcade contains all classics, from PAC Man, Pole Position amongst other classic titles from previous consoles.

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Release Date: 09/15/2009

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Namco Museum Virtual Arcade on the Xbox 360 is a fantastic game and may be fit to those with budget-tight gamers unlike The Orange Box, which was released last year. The Namco Museum includes some terrific games for a modest entry fee. Compared with The Xbox Live Arcade games have classic games that round out the collection which is quite impressive enough in their own right.

There is a wide range content of Pac-Man in the game, including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and a full version of 2007's addictive Pac-Man Championship Edition. Among the latest Pac-Man series are Pac&Pal and Super Pac-Man join two 3D Pac-Man games, Pac-Mania and Pac-Man Arrangement. Pac-Mania is still a mediocre 3D entry from the late '80s, in comparison to Pac-Man Arrangement that is a fully 3D revised of the original Pac-Man game. Both games are new and fresh for the first time players, but it fails to amount to anything beyond more Pac-Man. Super Pac-Man is passed on to the best of the ancient Pac-games included in the Pac-section. In playing the game, you start off with pellets walled off behind closed doors. Then, you eat keys to open gates and then devouring the red pellets hiding inside. You can get bigger in size so it becomes more and more difficult to evade your pursuers. The ghosts return to chase you around and that makes it even more challenging, enjoyable, pleasurable, and gratifying. Pac&Pal is a less-than-original return of the Super Pac-Man gameplay, and is distinguished by the addition of a similarly characterless green friend who wanders the levels and picks up items. The gameplay is slower and the part is not much of a helper.

If you tire of gobbling up pellets with the artist-formerly-known-as Puck-Man, the full Xbox
Live Arcade versions of Galaga and Galaga Legions are included. Anybody who has yet to face the waves of pattern-approaching enemies is almost sure to enjoy tearing through Galaga Legions' five levels. Sure, it's punishing, but within the portfolio of Galaga games on this one disc, you can see what an impressive evolution the game series has undergone during its more than 20-year span. Galaga '88 added colorful new enemies, vibrant backgrounds, and the opportunity to start the game with two ships instead of one. This Galaga Arrangement is clearly the missing link between '88 and Legions. It has large bug bosses, increasingly challenging waves of enemies, and is segmented into enjoyable, progressive levels.

Xevious is part of the collection, as is the classic Dig Dug. When played alongside the included Rally X, New Rally-X shows how relatively indistinguishable the two are. Finally, Mr. Driller Online returns with a functioning online mode. The games formerly released on Xbox Live are playable only via the Xbox Live Arcade section of your dashboard (as long as the disc is inserted). It isn't much of an inconvenience, but it does become tiresome to navigate in and out of menus to work your way around to the games you want to play. The versions included on this disc are fully compatible online (where applicable).

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Namco Bandai Games

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November 04, 2008

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