NASCAR The Game: Inside Line - PS3 Cheats


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NASCAR The Game: Inside Line PS3 trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophy:-

Champion Win the Sprint Cup in career mode.

1%'er Earn a total of 1,000,000 Cr.
Challenge Complete Complete all Scenario Challenges.
Challenger Complete a Scenario Challenge.
Challenging Complete a Head to Head Challenge.
Collector Purchase everything in the reward store.
Contender Win a Public Online Race.
Day At The Beach Win the Daytona 500.
In the Chase Make the Chase.
Maxed Out! Fully upgrade the Career Car.
Perfect Day Qualify in pole, lead all laps, win the race.
Photo Finish Win a race by less than 0.002 seconds.
Season Champion Win the Sprint Cup in Single Season Mode.
The King Win the Sprint Cup in career mode whilst playing on Champion difficulty.
Too Much! Win the race after crossing the finishing line backwards.
Trend Setter Finish a race with the fastest lap 100 times.

Action Shot Take a picture of the car with all four wheels off the track.
Brainiac Answer 150 trivia questions correctly.
Chase Champion Win the Sprint Cup in Chase Mode.
Clock Watcher Earn Gold at a Thunderlap Invitational event.
Consistent Win a Gauntlet Invitational event.
Director Save a replay of a race.
Draft Dodger Draft a total of 1000 yards in a race.
First Steps Take part in a Career or Season Race.
Gambler Run out of fuel and coast into pit road.
Gear Head Create a custom setup.
Hustler Win a public online race after passing 5 cars on the last lap.
Ironman Take part in 250 Public Online Races.
Lap It Up Lap an opponent in a Public Online Race.
Last Man Standing Win an Eliminator Invitational event.
Long Road Back Win a Public Online Race after qualifying last.
Mano a Mano Win a Driver Duel Invitational event.
Miles Away Win an Intermediate race in Career or Season Mode.
Newbie Take part in an Online Race.
Pass in the Grass Win a race after overtaking on grass.
Passing The Time Flip the Track Pass 500 times during loading.
Polish Victory Lap Complete a victory lap clockwise around the track.
Serious Win a race with no assists.
Shake & Bake Slingshot to victory in the final straight.
Short & Sweet Win a Short track race in Career or Season Mode.
Slippery Complete a race without touching another car.
Snap Happy Take a picture in any photo mode.
Speed Star Win a Superspeedway race in Career or Season Mode.
Startin' on Pole Qualify on pole in Career or Season Mode.
Taking Care Of Business Sign a sponsor to each location on the car.
The Intimidator Spin out an opponent.
Treat Yourself Purchase an item from the reward store.
Turn Right? Win a Road Course race in Career or Season Mode.
Upgrade Complete Purchase an upgrade.
Van Gogh Create a custom paint scheme.