NBA 2K10 - Wii Cheats

Cheat Codes.

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NBA 2K10 Wii cheat codes.

Enter the following codes under Codes in the Options menu for the desired effect:-

2kchina Unlocks the 2K China team
2ksports Unlocks the 2KSports team
payrespect Unlocks the ABA ball
nba2k Unlocks the NBA 2K development team
vcteam Unlocks the VC squad
classicthreads Unlock alternate jerseys
Blazers "Rip City" uniform eydonscar Unlocks new secondary road uniforms for the Grizzlies,
Hawks, Mavericks and Rockets
ycprtii Unlocks the Trail Blazers "Rip City" home uniforms
wasshcicsl Hardwood Classics uniforms / CLE / GS / MIN / ORL /

Enter the following codes by choosing "Features," "Extras" and then "Codes.":-

2ksports Unlock the 2k Sports Team
2kchina Unlock the 2k China Team
Payrespect Unlock the ABA Ball
nba2k Unlock the NBA2k Development Team
vcteam Unlock the VC Squad
icanbe23 MJ: Creating A Legend