NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition - PS3

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October 02, 2012


NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition lets basketball fans return to the hardwood for another season of action by offering them enhanced controls, upgraded defense, and a soundtrack hand-picked by rapper, media mogul, and executive producer Jay-Z. Gamers now have more control of the ball thanks to a one-to-one system in which the shot stick has been changed to the control stick, allowing players to dribble the ball like it's on a string. At the same time, on-the-ball defense has been upgraded and Xbox 360 gamers can now shade their defensive stance in order to force the offensive player to his weaker side.

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NBA 2K13 is the latest game that has come out from 2K Sports for the National Basketball Association and the sport of basketball. The game is based around the teams that compete in the NBA, both in the Western and Eastern Conferences. There is a full license for every single player from every team, from the stars down to the lesser known roster players. This is what attracts so many people to this game, given how popular the NBA is all around the world. Everyone knows about the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. Now you get a chance to play as them in the respective teams.

Game Modes:

Career Mode - This is the mode where you set up your own player. You can select everything about the player, down to his height or the color and shape of his eyebrows. This customization is great and can be a lot of fun. Then, you select the position the player will play and you pick his initial abilities. You select a team and then eventually work your way towards being a regular for them. As games go on and you pass all the challenges, you will increase your ability and your various skills.

Association Mode - Consider this the manager or coach mode, where you control almost every aspect of a NBA Franchise. You can pick any franchise, may it be the Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtics, or one of the lesser known franchises. It can be a challenge to win the title with a smaller franchise, or to uphold the best standards of the greatest teams. In association mode, there are things that you can do to adjust the roster. Trades can be made and players can be signed from free agencies or drafts. This will allow you to customize a team to the way that you play, as opposed to how they are initially.

Exhibition Mode - This is the simplest mode and it just involves a simple one off game. The half length and everything else can be adjusted.

Challenge Pro Mode - This mode involves choosing one current player from any team and then playing just as that player. There are certain challenges and teammate ratings for each game that show how you are doing. This is a very fun mode and it perfect if you want to see the game from a particular player's point of view.

The NBA 2K13 game has come to very good reviews. NBA fans and even casual fans are very happy with the way the game is played. The structure of the game is perfect, there is a great background soundtrack and the gameplay is incredible. It really does feel as if you are playing a basketball court. All of the arenas are fantastic and the presentation of each game is also great. There is a half time aspect and a "player of the game" at the end of each game. This is the game if you are a basketball fan.

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October 02, 2012

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