NBA Basketball 2K6 Xbox 360 User Review

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Super Gamer Dude

Xbox 360


Although the PS2 and Xbox version of NBA 2K6 are relatively the same, players and NBA fanatics (or even casual fans) can't help but to want and try this game. The control system is just to die for! The presentation is so neatly done because the players are like so real. Its compatibility with an HDTV (high-definition TV) setup makes it so exciting to play with. Even the crowd, coaches and cheerleaders are so good to watch as well. This version is so unparalleled because it is so well made. Shooting, rebounding, passing, defending, dribbling, and many other eye-popping, ground-breaking, jaw-dropping moves seem to be so realistic. The details are almost too perfect. Although some camera angles may be less detailed and times may not look great. This game also sound as good as it is to watch. It improved compared to the past versions.

During the gameplay, there is a great change with the Isomotion System. It is a move that is so popular especially if you have been playing NBA for too long. The difference with this version is that you no longer use the older cursors of using the turbo button. Instead the right and left triggers are already changed into passing and shooting button, alongside with the left analog stick they are called aggressive modifiers' already. The all new Isomotion System allows you to move the left stick to move your player without even using the trigger buttons. The analog stick is already used for shooting. These and more are some of the major changes that is new to NBA 2K6. It is best to allow experimentation too.

A new option to play with NBA 2K6 is its 24/7 Mode. Like real-life NBA, you create your player and skills are improved with continues playing. Various challenges are created. You have to step up against actual NBA players. The team created earns points and that's when you can purchase stuff. It is like a real-life tournament.

Other features of this game include tournaments (the usual ones), season games, and outside or street games. The outside, or street games, can also be played wherein you can play two-on-two with your favorite NBA players. But not just that, you can also play three-on-three!

It is so excellent to have NBA 2K6 on Xbox 360. As popular as it was on Xbox and PlayStation 2, it has well-improved features with graphics, sound and gameplay. It can also be played through online and controls are challenging and realistic that NBA fans are more eager to play with the game.