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October 02, 2007

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The game gets more challenging and fun on multiplier mode as this is one of the main reasons why NBA is popular to most gamers.

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3.2 / 10
In conclusion, this is pretty disappointing to say, but I would definitely not even bother with this game, my kid finds it a total waste of time, and I agree.
by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 10/07/2008

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Since it was a yearly event to establish an updated video game franchise of the NBA, EA sports landed yet another one and this time it was also on the PSP. But was it really worth the purchase when you have the same version on the PS2?

NBA Live 08 on the PSP was welcome for most NBA fans who could not play the sport on their PS2, which is pretty nice for a game since not all PS2 platform games have their PSP counterparts. Furthermore, the game play has not changed that much. If you have many tricks up your sleeve on the PS2 then you can still use them here. If you haven’t played the other game modes of NBA Live 08 on the PS2, then you can still play them here.

The graphics are a lot better in the PSP as they appear clearer thanks to the small screen on the PSP. The players appear more animated and better designed to give you that realistic feel.

The controls of the game are well designed despite the fact that the PSP only has 1 analog stick and one R1 and one L1 button. But same as the PS2 version, the steal and block button are still a unreliable as no matter how hard and how many times you press it, it is still not a sure aim. The producers have also increased the challenge by putting a difficulty level known as “All-star” in which the primary aim has changed from challenging you to nailing you. Both the PS2 and PSP versions have the same feature, and this game difficulty is as crazy as it gets.

However, the game is not all “go for gold” as it has a few faults. If you haven’t noticed until now, the PSP version is exactly the same as the PS2 version. Nothing new, and nothing fancy. Copy from the PS2 and then paste into the PSP and taddah a new game. Sort of… not unless you are a die-hard fan of the game that is bound to expire next year is getting this game is still worth it.

Remember doing turnaround jump shots and dunks? Well we still have that here but you really have no control of whatever tricks you can do before you make that shot as the CPU controls that and so in a way removes the thrill and fun of basketball in a video game. The all-star difficulty mode is way too hard and I mean way too hard. People get stressed out in defeating a poorly rated team as it appears that they can’t miss. In this difficulty level the experience drops from fun to disaster.

Overall, the game is still a nice purchase if you are really looking forward to playing the updated NBA on a mobile platform. The game gets more challenging and fun on multiplier mode as this is one of the main reasons why NBA is popular to most gamers. In the end, what really dictates as to whether the game is worth the purchase or not is the fact that you either like the series or you do not.

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Electronic Arts

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October 02, 2007

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