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October 07, 2008

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NBA Live 09 is back on the PSP with new features like Pick and Roll Control, Defensive Lockdown Control, Signature Playcalling and Quickstrike Ankle-Breakers. For those in need of some extra coaching, NBA Live 09 takes you to training camp with the NBA Academy that gives you a chance to hone your skills. Now featuring 24 authentic FIBA teams with realistic team play styles and rosters, NBA Live 09 features a FIBA World Championship Mode using FIBA tournament structure, rules and court dimensions. Take your game online with 5 vs.5 team play, where 10 people can play together on 10 different consoles around the world.

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by EA Sports
Release Date: 10/06/2009

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What could be worse than a bad NBA computer game? Writing a review for this PSP game is the only reason yours truly had to keep playing it. I am a great fan of some NBA live games; some are better than others but as far as lack of value is concerned the 08 version and this one, the 09, take the biscuit - I was actually in a hurry to quit.

Presentation was unintentionally hilarious. There was nothing new here compared to the 08 game which also needed a major overhaul. The graphics were too animation like, and didn’t look "live" at all. The sound, what is Steve Kerr doing here, why is he even the commentator? The game play can be summarised in one word, boring. This may sound nasty, but couldn’t the developers see that they failed miserably with the 08 version, why couldn’t they improve on the 09?

It is pretty obvious the developers don’t play basketball or else they would have made the dribbling harder. This is a game even my kid finds "uber kiddie, Daddy!" that is quoting my 6 year old. I feel that about sums up the game play.

Take for example the animations for the dunks and layups. There were times where the player would attempt to make a dunk, but once they reach the rim with the ball in their hand, it would lay up the back iron causing the ball to bounce before it goes through the basket. There are also those where the player will go for a dunk but would fall short of the rim and the dunk goes wild.

The players which are CPU controlled can be super slow when it comes to reaction time. The players stand around looking stupid. What retards! Sometimes it takes a few seconds before one realises there is a ball, but that is only because the ball has already reached them and was at rest.

The lead pass does not happen here at all, which I personally found strange, weird. Someone could pass a ball to another teammate. If it were live, the player would anticipate where their teammate would be and make a pass so the ball could be caught. In the NBA Live 09, the pass is made to a player where he is at a particular moment, not where he is anticipated to be. This means there are no successful transitions and the game advantage is lost. The defenders, on the other hand, have a lot of time to get back into their positions while the supposed receiver of the ball is waiting.

NBA Live 09 has a full dynasty mode. It also has "The Crown" which gives you the ability to track any accomplishments made and it can rate the player as a rookie or a legend, not that it counts. It does not really do much for the game. In conclusion, this is pretty disappointing to say, but I would definitely not even bother with this game, my kid finds it a total waste of time, and I agree. I just hope they improve on the next version. Seriously I want my money back!

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October 07, 2008

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