NBA Live 10 PSP User Review

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Sony PSP


It is not every day that playing with a game could be so much fun on a smaller scale. The PlayStation Portable games should not get affected however, for the developers will always make sure that the games on a regular screen or console would be just as much fun as on the smaller one. So far they have not disappointed their many fans and consumers and thankfully, their games are not suffering.

In comes The Game – NBA game that is. It can be quite frustrating for the many followers if they cannot experience the same thing on the PSP. Fortunately, PSP developers have followed through on their promise and what you get on the regular console is exactly the same as on the smaller one. This way, anywhere and anytime, the game can be played. I know it is a sigh of relief for me too. It is quite surprising in fact. The graphics are impressive, yes, but what is really great is that when you get this game on PSP you can access the one and only “Be A Pro” mode. There are obviously other modes in the PSP version of NBA Live 10 and they are equally impressive. There are the modes Dynasty and Season, there is the FIBA Championships, an ad hoc multiplayer, 3 small or mini games and last, the “Crown” accomplishment system. There are also the traditional modes you can play with, so for those who are traditional players, this one is for you.

Now, because there are a lot of modes, this can cause some glitches. It would not be right if I don’t mention this, although it is not really troublesome, but best be prepared that navigating through the numerous modes can be frustrating and loading time can get delayed (load times are with all PSP games though). The stalls are minimal, but if you are the impatient type, then you could get frustrated. Those who are patient, well, you can breeze through it without wasting sweat. Now, the playing is really an awesome experience. For one thing, it is like you really are watching the NBA game on television, Live! But, you are the one controlling the game play. And just like any live games, there can be inaccuracies in the passing and you get frustrated. But that is what it is when watching the game live, isn’t it? So the frustrations, the yelling, the waving of the arms and the jumping and cursing that come with watching the real game would be there as well. So if you plan to play this game in the quiet hours of the night thinking you can get away with it, think again – most likely you’ll wake up everyone with all the noise and screaming you make. It is this experience with the NBA Live 10 that makes it an exceptional experience to begin with.

Other things I have noticed about this game is they spent a lot of time on improving the presentation of this game, integrating real crowds with real emotions, great detail (even if they are a little plastic like, and fluid animations. Now, it costs around $40 so that is really an acceptable price. Despite the flaws, the basketball game is great, and it adds on to the LIVE experience, so I actually welcome them. The best thing about this is that for the amount of money paid for it, the number of unlimited hours playing is worth every penny.