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November 16, 2010

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is set in the large, open world of fictional Seacrest County, which features various regions for diverse driving challenges. This home computer version uses an "Autolog" feature, which can connect in the background to allow online multiplayer racing, and give single-player racers the opportunity to compare in-game accomplishments and statistics with friends across the network. In the game's main "Career" mode, virtual drivers have the chance to roll as both racers and law enforcement officers, gradually developing a reputation, gaining "Bounty" points, and unlocking additional challenges and high-performance automobiles.

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by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 11/15/2011

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This time Electronic Arts partners with developers Criterion Games after their epic mishap with their previous Need for Speed installment, they probably felt like a change was needed and partnering up with Criterion could be something they should have done earlier.

Criterion, known for its extreme style of open-world racing games such as the Burnout series has made its mark in the gaming industry with insane concepts of car racing. This time around with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, they ramped up the ante by taking one of the coolest city's ever to be made in the video game world and super cars that would make even the most experienced racing gamer drool. The city is named Seacrest County and what makes it cool is simple one thing; they have Lamborghini cop cars. Now, even the in your craziest dreams did you ever see a Lamborghini cop car? How about a city with that have cars racing around its perfectly woven streets? Not to mention those cars are comes from a billionaire's Christmas list.

In that list you'll find Lamborghinis, Audi R8s, Aston Martin DBSs, Porsche 911s and if those still won't tickle your fancy how about the ultimate Pagani Zonda or world's most expensive car; The Bugatti Veyron. If that didn't get racing gamers aroused then probably nothing will. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit simplifies the concept of racing games ever so easily. By thoroughly embracing the idea of racing your million-dollar super car in city streets against other million-dollar super cars or more interestingly; million-dollar cop cars.

In this game, you get into action by simply driving into a specific marker in the city, take your pick at which even you want to participate choose your side and off you go. Racing your car into the busy streets against other cars or cops depending on the racing event you have chosen. You can either play as the cop or the hard headed racer, race your rank, reputation or wanted levels as you weave through traffic, smashing on other innocent cars (Yes, million-dollar super cars too) running people off, drifting on corners and just simply acting like an insane racer felon. Funny thing is the more you really do drive like an insane felon; the more points you get, more new cars you can unlock and open new areas of Seacrest County.

One of the best aspects about this game; as much as racing physics itself, is probably the landscape and graphics that certainly feels like it's alive. That's what you would expect from Criterion Games but Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit certainly looks a thousand fold better than any other racing game out there in the market.

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November 16, 2010

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