Need for Speed: The Run 3DS User Review

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In Need for Speed The Run for the 3DS, players get to drive and race many different types of upgradeable street vehicles through America from San Francisco all the way to New York. There are other street racing crews who will challenge the player and the ever present police are in on the action too. People playing this game will get to experience a wide variety of terrains including traffic filled streets, icy roads over mountain passes and scary roads along narrow canyon sides. Throughout the race travels, there are also genuine sights to be seen in the many states along the way.

The main story for the game lies in the player attempting to beat other racers and also evading the police, attempting to win the race and a million dollar cash prize. The storyline involves other street crews, mobs, rival street racers and also a woman, a character that the player will learn about. Part of the gameplay involves the driver upgrading the vehicle internally and externally, with the available multiple engine modifications, suspension tweaks, after custom wheels, rims and many other things that can make a car go faster or look prettier.

While playing Need for Speed The Run the blurring effect at high speeds adds a sense of realism. There are also other gameplay features that add to the realism such as a 3D graphics effect that may be toggled on or off. The frame rate of the game is smooth and doesn't suffer from stutter allowing uninterrupted racing.

There are many other options including the multiplayer and online modes. Users may take advantage of various online modes that automatically post best race track times, prompt friends for a race challenge or allow people to race together. Another beneficial feature is the AutoLog option. This option automatically updates a gamer's best track time on the online network if they've beaten their previous best time. This can be useful as proof of your racing prowess.

One of the main features that keeps people coming back for more is the Challenge and Multiplayer modes. Whenever a player is racing on a track in multiplayer, single player or competing for challenges, they can earn experience, which can unlock hidden cars and also hidden custom auto parts. However the hidden cars and parts that might be unlocked are only available for the player online. The Challenge Mode is unique in that it automatically chooses a variety of race types and courses that the player will be faced with to test their skills.

An important innovative addition to this series are QTE events, or Quick Timer Events. This allows the player to interact with the game by pressing a corresponding button when prompted by the game. This could be pressing a certain button when the player is drifting around a corner or squeezing past road blocks. QTE events allow the player to feel as though they are actually behind the wheel of the car and are having to make split second decisions.

This game is aimed at the more experienced racing gamer and although children may enjoy it they may not yet have acquired the skills needed to jump straight into the game and expect to win.