Need For Speed: Undercover - Xbox 360 Cheats


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Need For Speed: Undercover Xbox 360 achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

2 Birds, 1 Stone (25 pts) Complete the mission 'Double Trouble'.
5 Finger Discount (20 pts) Complete all Hot Car Missions.
Active Community Member (20 pts) Participated in any Community Day. Visit for more info.
Aficionado (10 pts) Purchase or win any 5 cars for your garage.
Among the Best (25 pts) Win 25 Ranked Multiplayer events.
Apprentice Mechanic (5 pts) Customize a car in Career mode.
Bay Drive & Harbor (15 pts) Dominate the Bay Drive & Harbor event.
Bowling with Hector (25 pts) Complete the Hector sequence in the mission 'Kingpin'.
Branching out (10 pts) Unlock Sunset Hills in Career.
Cat and Mouse Virus (5 pts) Infected with the Cops and Robbers virus by another player
in a Cops and Robbers event.
Chase or be Chased (20 pts) Win all the Highway Battles in Career.
Community Member (15 pts) Create or use an existing account to sign into EA Nation.
Completionist (100 pts) Complete all events in Career.
Crossing the Line (10 pts) Win a Ranked Multiplayer Cops and Robbers event.
East Fasulo Bridge (15 pts) Dominate the East Fasulo Bridge event.
East I-5 (15 pts) Dominate the East I-5 event.
First of Many (15 pts) Win a Ranked Multiplayer event against 7 human players.
First! (10 pts) Win a Multiplayer Ranked Game.
Freeze! Hold it right there! (25 pts) Take a Photo and upload it to
Get out of the way! (5 pts) Avoid 5 Road Blocks in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career.
Gold Coast to Ocean (15 pts) Dominate the Gold Coast to Ocean event.
Hired Goons (20 pts) Takeout all the 'Goons' in Career.
Keys to the City (5 pts) Unlock Port Crescent in Career.
Learner's Permit (5 pts) Acquire your first car in Career Mode.
Lose the Eye in the Sky (25 pts) Escape from a helicopter in a successfully completed pursuit.
(Must be Career level 8 or greater].
Lose the Fuzz (10 pts) Successfully complete 5 Pursuits.
Love thy Tires (15 pts) Avoid 12 Spike Strips total in Career pursuits.
Meet Carmen (10 pts) Face off against Carmen in 'The Game'.
Meet Hector (10 pts) Face off against Hector in 'Versus'.
Meet Nickel (10 pts) Face off against Nickel in 'Road Rage'.
Meet Rose (10 pts) Face off against Rose in 'Rollercoaster'.
Meet Zack (10 pts) Face off against Zack in 'Rush Hour'.
Most Wanted (100 pts) Successfully complete 50 Pursuits.
Nickel and Dimes (25 pts) Complete the Nickel sequence in mission 'Payback'.
North River Expressway (15 pts) Dominate the North River Expressway event.
Nothing Stock (20 pts) Discovered all 3 Tuning Shops in Career.
Notorious (50 pts) Finish 119 Multiplayer Races in any position.
Own the Road (25 pts) Dominate 25 events in Career.
Path of Destruction (10 pts) Disable 10 Police Cars in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career.
Pine Creek & Douglas (15 pts) Dominate the Pine Creek & Douglas event.
Retired (40 pts) Finish the Career Story.
Scrapheap (25 pts) Disable 100 Police vehicles.
South Canyon Hwy (15 pts) Dominate the South Canyon Hwy event.
Spiked Punch (10 pts) Avoid a spike strip in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career.
To Protect and Serve (25 pts) Complete the Carmen sequence in the mission 'Rematch'.
Tri-City Run (15 pts) Dominate the Tri-City Run event.
Unstoppable Force (10 pts) Avoid 50 Road Blocks in Career.
Wasting Tax Dollars (20 pts) Get $100,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit and evade.
Window Shopper (20 pts) Discovered all 3 Pro Shops in Career.
Zack Trap (25 pts) Complete the Zack sequence in 'The Trap' mission.