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November 17, 2008

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This could have been a fun game if it had not been for the technical flaws, but it is hard to recommend a game that at times is verging on the unplayable.

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This game is set in a fictional Tri-City Bay area, in a world that consists of over 80 miles of highways and roads, and you, as a policeman, who loves fast cars, are sent on an undercover mission to track an illegal street racing gang. Your aim is to infiltrate the operation and, by such tactics as stopping the sale of stolen vehicles, bring down the gang and its leaders.

Maggie Q who is a Hollywood actress plays the part of your handler Chase. She will be appearing in a number of live actions throughout the story. There is a problem with the poor frame rate which means that the game does not run smoothly and most of the time plods along at an unacceptably slow speed. This takes away from the gameplay and as the visuals are not very good the high speed racing is quite tricky. At time it is so bad that the game literally stops for some seconds and then continues still at the same low speed. These technical problems are so distracting that they cannot be ignored.

The fact that the visuals are fairly bad is a real shame and you wonder why this was ever released in this poor state. Some of the driving stunts are creative despite the not so good visual presentation, and have a stylish look about them, and you will need to take part in the police chase and the damage runs so as to prove that you can be trusted to do the job.

When you finish the race you are shown the next event and you are able to access it with a press on the d-pad. When you get tired of driving from one point to another to take part in these other events, you will appreciate the EA approach that has been streamlined. This is seen as holding but you will find yourself pushed along moving from one event to the other with little down time throughout the story. When you complete the events you earn representation which goes towards your overall ranking. Being set in Tri-City, where there are citizens going about their normal business, you will be racing on closed off roads close to pedestrian areas when not racing on set circuit laps, so care is needed.

Besides the single-payer modes there is a multiplayer mode which can be played by up to eight players. This could have been a fun game if it had not been for the technical flaws, but it is hard to recommend a game that at times is verging on the unplayable. If ever the problems are solved I would be happy to give it another try, but until then its going back on the shelf.

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November 17, 2008

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