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September 21, 2010

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Everything about Carnival Games feels dull, from the presentation, the game to the soundtracks.

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This is more of a minigame than a game, with so many flaws and cost quite a lot for its kind. The game has twenty five different games within it and some other unlockable games in it as well. The game as well has many other bad things in it. Talk of the boring graphics and most of the games are either too short or suffer control problems. The game is principally full of problems. These games are Carnival games.

Here Carnivals roar and yell at the would-be suckers trying to get them to win a prize that will cost a few dollars. The game costs $40 which is way too much for such like games, as much as they are many in one, they are not fun. You will encounter games that are too easy or some that are too broken to be real. When you win in the game, you are rewarded with some virtual toys.

This is a classic carnie scam, just to get your money. The games range from skeeball, knocking over milk containers to target shooting. All the games use the Wii control. The common and major problem with all these games is that after a few minutes into the game you get bored, there is no fun in playing the games. Some of these games are so easy such that you have to be daft to fail them. At the same time some of the games like the Football toss do not feel right at all, the controls feel quite dodgy and you cannot have a consistent play using them. Other games do not have a strategy at all like the Lucky cups; you will rely on fate so as to win this game.

There are a few games that you can play a number of times but they are quite few. The prize you get for completing the games are some ridiculous animals and jewelry that comes in all sizes; large medium or large varieties. These prizes can be used to play some stupid side-games like a fortune teller, and love tester. The uniqueness of these runs out so fast almost immediately.

Everything about Carnival Games feels dull, from the presentation, the game to the soundtracks. Maybe the producers were on a tight budget but whichever the case, the game looks quite awful. When you create some limbless people, I bet the game was inspired by Miis or the producers expected the game to use them. Customization is quite limited here and the people you make loo stoned. You can give the people hats, funny shoes and some other trivial items to try to make them look weird. All in all, it beat anyone’s understanding why such a game should cost such an amount, with all the setbacks and little to offer the player.

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Jan 17, 2014

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September 21, 2010

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