New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 3DS Cheats

Hints and Tips.

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Hints and Tips.

Special Star Mode.

You can unlock the Special Star Mode by spending 90 star Coins after defeating Bowser.

Rainbow Courses.

By completing a stage with certain numbers appearing on the last two numbers on the timer you can make a particular Rainbow Course appear. The required numbers are listed below and at the end of a stage you need to wait until the timer reaches the required last two digits. Only the last two are shown as the other digits are irrelevant:-

Digits highlighted in bold below.

World 1 --- 11.
World 2 --- 22.
World 3 --- 33.
World 4 --- 44.
World 5 --- 55.
World 6 --- 66.
Mushroom World --- 77.
Flower World --- 88.
Star World --- 99.

Visiting the Mushroom house.

When the spaces in the Mushroom House turn blue you can visit them as often as you wish. To get them to turn blue you must complete every level, (Standard and Extra levels also with Cannon and Star World ) collect all moon coins in the Star World and find every alternative exit.