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New Super Mario Bros U Cheats and Unlockables.

Save Anytime
Once you start Story Mode you will be able to save your game whenever you want from the Overworld. Just look at the start menu there.

Green Guide Block
If you die a few times in a level, this block will appear, which will summon Luigi when struck to help you guide you through the level. Never use these blocks if you hope to have a 5 Star save file. Otherwise, these are handy ways to get through difficult and frustrating levels.

Flower Coins
When you are on a level with flowers that are spinning around in the background, stop. Stand in front
of the flower and shake your gamepad to wake them up. Once woken, the flower will give you a cold coin.

Unlimited Lives
Find an area with many Koopa's roaming around, and swoop around off their shells, never actually touching the ground as you glide and bounce back and forth between each Koopa, racking up 1up after 1up. This is much simpler to accomplish if you have the flying squirrel suit.

Unlimited Coins
When you are playing Boost Rush, what you need to do is keep jumping all the time and then have the player who has the gamepad place blocks. Each time a block is hit coins will fall out and you can keep grabbing them. More blocks equals more coins!

Boost Rush Star Mode
The player with the gamepad needs to jump on your blocks several times in a row. Doing this will build up the star mode meter. When it is full, you go into "Boost Rush Star" mode.

Doing this lets you farm an unlimited number of coins (see the "Unlimited Coins" cheat below) and you can also kill all the enemies on the screen at once by tapping them on the gamepad screen!


Unlock World 9 Superstar Road

In order to unlock World 9 (Superstar Road) you need to first complete the game with all the Star Coins from Worlds 1 to 8 collected.

Unlocking World 9 and the Propeller Suit
By collecting all of the Star Coins in each of the 8 worlds, you'll unlock those worlds on the Star Road after beating the game. In this portal realm you'll also find the exclusive Propeller Suit.

Number of Fireworks
If you jump up onto the flagpole at the end of a level where the last two digits of your time for completing that level were the same number, then the number of fireworks will be equal to the relevant number. For example, "33" will mean 3 fireworks.


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Super Gamer Dude

New Super Mario Bros U Cheats

Complete the given tasks to add the corresponding star to your saved game file.

Star 1 Defeat the final Boss of the main game.
Star 2 Collect all Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8.
Star 3 Complete all the levels and find all exits in Worlds 1 through 8.
Star 4 Collect all Star Coins in Superstar Road.
Star 5 Catch Nabbit in Worlds 1 through 7.

End of Level Fireworks

You must get the flagpole with the last two digits of your time being the same number. The number of fireworks
will then appear depending on which number was the same. For example, "99" will result in a star, while "22"
will show two fireworks, etc.

Certain numbers within the game will also give you a bonus item. Some examples are as follows:-

Fire Flower 33 or 44
Ice Flower 55
Star 88 or 99
Super Acorn 77
Super Mushroom 11 or 22
Tiny Mushroom 66

Save Anytime in the Overworld Map

Successfully complete Story mode. The "Quick Save" option will change to the "Save" option at the Overworld map

Visit Toad Houses Unlimited Times

You first need to unlock all five stars on your saved game file. You can now visit Toad Houses as many times
as you like, and previously inactive Toad Houses can also be revisited at will.

Unlock World 9

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Super Gamer Dude

Unlock World 9.

To Unlock World 9 (Superstar Road) successfully complete the game having collected all Star Coins from Worlds 1- 8

When you have unlocked World 9 you can go to the Toad Houses in Superstar Road where you will find the Penguin Suit and Propeller Hat power ups.