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September 15, 2009

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NHL 10 is back with a significant change in its structure: seasons are now monthly, allowing for more winners in a choice of formats. Various equipment upgrades can also be unlocked as you progress. One new play option is "Battle for the Puck," which has you and a friend vying for the Stanley Cup. Injuries, key match-ups, and in-game stories will persist over the course of the series. Season mode now supports multiple players, letting you or your friends take control of all teams in the league. Fantasy drafts are included, and you can play a season with a created team, the AHL, or European Leagues. "Be a GM" mode tracks the important decisions you make throughout multiple seasons, including trades, waiver pick-ups, draft picks, and more.

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NHL 10 is a good sports simulation and a very nice sequel to NHL 09. It's better in the multiplayerÂ’s and gives you a very perfect feeling of grinding along the ice as you whiz round. Players are made more proper and strong and give you a better fighting chance but the game GMS and Coaches are not very well developed. So the game will do satisfactory for those who have not played Ice hockey before, and for those who love ice hockey it will be a new blast.

Well making a best hockey game was a very big challenge for the EA I would imagine, the NHL 09 was a huge success and competing with that must of been a challenge within itself. But, the developers of NHL 10 have done some improvements in maintaining the standards and some how improving them too. You have some extra features in the game like be a GM which will offer you a little different approach to the game.

First-person fighting feature is the new innovative idea of the developers and using it you can set a camera so close to your opponent that when you hit him you can even count his teeth that are broken. This feature is really fun and it gives you a chance of beating up players as you play along which works for many young folks me included.

The multiplayer system is almost the same as it was last year with just one new feature and that is, to play with six players one to one in live action. Online gaming mode has been enhanced and itÂ’s really has improved from the last year. Graphics are little better than the last year and they have got more clarity and focus in them this time round. The interface is lot more user friendly as well.

Well, the conclusion is that if you have NHL 09 then you do not need to buy this game, but if you have not played NHL before then you must try this one as it will give you an enjoyable experience, or better yet get NHL 11.

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Feb 28, 2014

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September 15, 2009

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