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September 15, 2009

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NHL 2K11 features true one-to-one maneuvers, allowing gamers to execute shots, dekes, poke checks, new "Superstar Moves" and even juggle pucks in real-time. A fully featured "Franchise" mode offer realistic hockey action for simulation fans, while the new "Road to the Cup" mode lets multiplayer fans send their "Miis" to the ice for a variety of mini-games. Players spin a large wheel that determines in which mini-game they will compete, with spaces on the wheel for single-player action, multiplayer competition, mini-rink games, trivia, and boosts or reductions in fans. The ultimate goal is to gain as many fans across the continent as possible before competing in a final free-for-all.

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Release Date: 09/08/2008

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Lowly Worm

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If you have been playing NHL 2K10, expect this year’s hockey game to be very familiar, as 2K11 is very similar to its predecessor. However, be ready to experience a big letdown.

Much of this year’s hockey game presentation is just copied over the last year’s game – the sound, the graphics, and atmosphere. Considering this is already the third installment for the NHL series by 2K Sports, it is a big disappointment that unlike the previous versions, it presents imprecise motion controls which will not give you the whole motion-sensing experience and you would rather use a Classic Controller. The only thing that will excite you to play is that it presents a new range of game modes and minigames throughout.

The controls may be imprecise, however, it boasts its Smart MotionPlus stickhandling control which is used to create different moves, such as fancier dekes, juggling moves, and poke checks, but still not as precise as you would like it to be. You can even flip the puck onto the blade of the stick you are holding, while stickhandling in the traffic. However, the biggest problem yet in controls lies in shooting - you cannot take fine shots and therefore cannot make a goal as the goalie easily saves it – which is in turn, well, very frustrating. The overall graphical and visual presentation is actually impressive, from the lifelike and real-looking players to the natural atmosphere of a hockey arena, complete with commentary by Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda. You will get tired of the comments however soon enough, since they shout out repetitive and general comments.

Another letdown in this version is that if you are an NHL fan, you’ll see that the league, team, and player data are taken from previous years and not updated. Though they provide an online update, the data problems are still present and you would still have outdated stats on the record. And what makes it worse that it is really hard to update, it will take forever before the game recognizes the updates, and maybe by then you already give up on doing so.

Talking about the modes and features is a positive one, as 2K11 presents a jump-packed game full of unique minigames, different options to play, as well as practice modes. It also has an online play mode, however this is another letdown as it lags and disconnects multiple times during the play, which will make you stop playing instead. The minigames are actually the big win here. They are quick and are actually fun to play, even kids can do some skating and mini-rink hockey playing.

Overall, I find NHL 2K11 to be way worse than I expected it to be. It just now focuses on Wii, so we have been expecting it to be better than it was last year. In fact, we are really disappointed with how it turned out. We will just really be hoping for next year’s version to be really better and responsive enough.

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September 15, 2009

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