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December 18, 2007

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Journey of Dreams is not difficult, neither is it overly exacting or great. But it offers a good challenge that keeps the players focused.

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Nights: Journey of Dreams can be likened to an Oreo with a great chocolate cookie with soft and chewy vanilla centers. This is a wholesome game which can make the player smile when playing. Fortunately it is not uber sweet that it becomes too rich, it is just right!

Just as the title implies, the dreamy quality of the visuals is great despite its simplicity. There are some disappointing things which can distract the gaming, although so far no player who has gotten involved did not get to enjoy it.

Just like the previous games, there are two children whose individual stories intersect with one another. The kids, Will and Helen, have some issues with their parents that they need to settle, and they go into the dream world called Nightopia when they are asleep. In this world, Nightopia is attacked by the Nitmaren who are evil followers Wizeman. It is up to the two children to merge themselves to become Nights, an androgynous jester who is designed to defeat the evil Wizeman.

There are five different levels in the dream world. In the first, this is where the basic Nights gameplay can be played. Nights must be freed from imprisonment which can be achieved by chasing after the Nightmaren guards. They hold the keys which can unlock three cages and Nights must unlock them within a limited time allowed. DonÂ’t ask why they need to be unlocked, it has never been explained. But nevertheless, know that they need to be unlocked for this will be the only way to go to the next level.

The control used is the Wii Remote or any Wii-supported controller. There are Nunchucks schemes but they are different from the remote controlled game. The stick on the controller will allow the flying. Nights also has some astounding moves on this version which is really enjoyable. There are also the boss fights to enjoy. The game is not great, but it offers enough of a challenge to keep the fun going.

Journey of Dreams is not difficult, neither is it overly exacting or great. But it offers a good challenge that keeps the players focused. Some of the issues that persist in the game are: some cut scenes cannot be skipped; if you lose at the dream level the game cannot be started at the boss fight, it has to be started from the very beginning. There are others, but strangely, they donÂ’t really matter. The game is just pure and simple fun.

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December 18, 2007

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