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Super Gamer Dude

Nintendo Land Wii U Unlockables. 

Bonus courses in Donkey Kong's Crash Course.

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding courses:-
Course 2: Complete Course 1 twice.
Course 3: Successfully complete Course 2 twice.
Course 4: Successfully complete Course 3 once.

Bonus missions in Legend Of Zelda Battle Quest.
Complete the first nine missions to unlock five extra missions in Legend Of Zelda Battle Quest.

Bonus levels in Luigi's Ghost Mansion.
Play 20 matches to unlock two extra levels in Luigi's Ghost Mansion.

Bonus missions in Metroid Blast.
Complete the first 20 missions to unlock ten extra missions in Metroid Blast.

Bonus missions in Pikmin Adventure.
Complete the first 16 missions to unlock six extra missions in Pikmin Adventure.

Bonus Versus mode arenas in Pikmin Adventure.
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding arena in Pikmin Adventure.

Hero's Arena: Play five games in the Warrior's Arena.
Warrior's Arena: Play five games in the Starter's Arena.

Left-handed controls in Plaza.
In the Plaza, rotate the controller 180 degrees to control the camera with the Left Analog-stick, and your
movement will automatically be re-adjusted on the Right Analog-stick.

Unlockable Stamps.

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Super Gamer Dude

Unlockable Stamps. 

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding stamp:-

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

Double Takedown: Catch two animals at the same time.
Serve and Protect x10: Win 10 times as the Gatekeepers.
Sneaky Snatcher: Win without being caught once.
So... Much... Candy...: Win with a head full of candy.
Tackle Takedown: Perform a tackle.

Balloon Trip Breeze

Birds Down: Defeat 30 balloon birds.
Almost Fish Food: Escape from the fish.
Flawless Flight: Successfully complete a perfect journey. (No Assisted Play must not be in use, and
all balloons must be collected.)
Island Hopper: Visit all islands.
Special Delivery: Successfully complete two successful package deliveries.

Captain Falcon's Twister Race

Star Racer: Acquire four star items in one race.
5-Mistake Limit: Reach the goal with less than five mistakes.
Checkered Flag: Pass all areas.
Hang Time: First jump.
Racing Perfection: Successfully complete a perfect run with no crashes. (No Assisted Play)

Donkey Kong's Crash Course

Cutting Corners: Execute a shortcut.
Double Damsel Rescue: Save Pauline twice.
Perfect Run: Successfully complete a perfect run. (No Assisted Play allowed.)
Perfect Through Area 2: Get through area 2 with no mistakes.
Skip 30 Bananas: Leave 30 bananas behind.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Back from the Brink: Win as the Ghost with only a sliver of health left.
Battery Free Victory: Win without picking up any Batteries.
Ghostly Good Night: Win 10 times as the Ghost.
Magical Win: Win using magic.
Untouchable Roof Wraith: Win on Monita's Rooftop without taking any damage.

Mario Chase

1 Second on the Clock: Catch Mario with only 1 second remaining.
10-Time Champion: Successfully escape as Mario 10 times.
20-Second Catch: Catch Mario within the first 20 seconds of a match.
Finish at the Start: Be sitting at the starting point as Mario when time runs out.
Starless Getaway: Win a match as Mario without ever grabbing the Star.

Metroid Blast - Assault Mode

100 Enemies Down: Defeat 100 enemies total.
Boss Blaster: Defeat the final Boss.
In the Belly of the Beast: Get inside a huge enemy's body.
Master Bounty Hunter: Finish all missions, including the Extra missions.
Mission Accomplished: Earn Master Rank on all missions.

Metroid Blast - Ground Combat

10-Hit Hunter: Achieve 10 hits in a single match.
100 Token Drop: Drop 100 Tokens in a single match.
Max Token Victory: Win with 99 Tokens
Perfect Accuracy: Win with a 100% hit percentage.
Thanks for the Tanks: Collect all Token Tanks in a single match.

Metroid Blast - Surface to Air

Free-Fall Finisher: Land the finishing blow to the Gunship while in free fall.
Gunship Accuracy 100%: Win as the Gunship with 100% hit percentage.
Surface to Air - Gunship Bomber: Deal damage to the Gunship with a Charge Bomb.
Last-Second Blast: Land the finishing blow with 1 second on the clock.
Missile Strike: Land a direct blow on a Samus character with a Charge Missile.

Octopus Dance

3 Inky Moves: Perform 3 successful beats after being inked.
Flawless Fifty: Achieve 50 continuous perfects.
Perfect Perfect: Successfully complete continuous perfects.
Perfect Streak x10: Perform 10 perfects in a row.
That's a Wrap: Clear the Extra Stage.

Pikmin Adventure - Challenge Mode

AI Mii Protector: Clear a Challenge stage without your AI controlled ally taking any damage.
Eyes of the Bulblord: Destroy the Bulblord's Eyes during his boss fight.
First Mastery: Master your first Challenge stage.
Great Explorer: Clear all challenge stages.
Master Explorer: Earn Master Completion on all Challenge stages.

Pikmin Adventure - Versus Mode

Candy from a Pikmin: Make Mii Pikmin drop at least 10 candies in 15 attacks.
Clobber Olimar: Land 10 blows on Olimar with a Mii Pikmin.
Incredible Comeback: Achieve a miraculous comeback from a 30 candy deficit.
Pacifist Victory: Win without attacking any opponents.
Rock Your Foes x5: Hit opponents with a Rock 5 times in a single match.

Takamaru's Ninja Castle

10-Hit Combo: Perform a 10-hit combo.
10-Star Defense: Deflect 10 Throwing Stars.
First 100 Down: 100 up, 100 down.
Princess Rescue: Rescue Princess Monita.
Unstoppable: All enemies must be defeated in the Extra Stages and your Mii cannot take any damage.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Main Quest

1,000 Rupees: Collect 1,000 Rupees total.
100 Rupees: Collect 100 Rupees total.
Legendary Hero: Master all quests.
Quest Master: Successfully complete all quests.
Triforce Collector: Finish all nine quests to claim the Triforces.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - Time Attack

Beginner: Finish Within 50 Seconds: Successfully complete the first
Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.
Intermediate: Finish Within 50 Seconds: Successfully complete the second
Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.
Advanced: Finish Within 50 Seconds: Successfully complete the final
Time Trial stage in under 50 seconds.
Speed Master: Earn Master Rank on all Time Attack stages.

Finish All Stages Within 45 Seconds: Successfully complete all Time Trial stages in under 45 seconds.

Yoshi's Fruit Cart

3 Close Calls: Narrowly avoid three dangerous obstacles.
5-Egg Exit: Reach a gate with five or more eggs in tow.
Gatekeeper: Clear all gates.
Gatemaster: Finish all 50 gates without using Assisted Play, Warp Gates, or Check Marks.
Triple Bee Buffet: Use a Chili Plate to eat 3 bees.